Infowars shows off lesbian kiss in video that pretends to be an interview about Trump. Is Infowars doing the double game?

Screenshot Fake Infowars

Sadly interesting screenshot of today Infowars homepage. Lesbian kiss in prominent position. Maybe Alex Jones is really a double agent.

Yesterday I wrote “don’t watch tv, watch Infowars, it’s as easy as this”. Well, maybe it’s not so easy as this. Lately I watched a video put on the home page of Infowars where the main issue is two young lesbians kissing at the centre of camera, while an infowars reporter interviews a Hillary supporter. I make videos, they did it on purpose, they put the lesbian kiss at the centre of the camera-shot and the rest, the quarrel about Trump is staged to give a cover up to the lesbian publicity. The two girls are prettier than average it may be models paid to do so and they look quite fake.

Don’t you believe not even for a moment that this is casual: everyone who does videos knows it is done on purpose.
It’s not the first time that Alex Jones is accused of being a counter-agent, because for long he went on saying 9/11 was an inside job to save face to Israel and the israeli/US neocons who did it abusing of the double nationality, that should be banned tout court to avoid spionage, but it is certain that Infowars broadcast the interview to Steve Pieczenik that demolished Israel and the double nationals neocons where Steve accuses name and surnames Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim & Co. and says clearly that they are loyal to Israel and act inside USA institutions to push the israeli agenda. It may be that once Steve Pieczenik contacted him, Alex Jones, he couldn’t refuse to broadcast the interview to “save face”.

Now the staged lesbian kiss which is totally illuminati agenda.

In the video about the attempted invasion of Europe with muslim immigrants Alex says: “The top of the pyramid is Goldman Sachs”. No, the top of the pyramid are israelis: Rothschild, DeBenedetti, Soros, and Mossad agents doing terror attacks around Europe, even Charlie Hebdo, and pretending to be muslims. Maybe he’s really there to put the blame for the israeli terror attacks and spionage-actions to someone else.

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