Among the prudish right wingers who “don’t want to be associated with one another” for they still resent the leftists’ judgement of one another, 2 good news: Trump and Farage rally together and Belgium wants North Sea New Union.

nigel-farage-donald-trump-688917The latter is big. The latter of the title, but also the first is good enough even if we still feel the smell of the lefty judgement, though disappearing, in the air.

The right wingers must not read the lefty press or read it only to check the position of the enemy and must not watch television not to be influenced and de-empowered psychologically by it.

We obtained three things that are in the good direction but are not enough:

  1. Farage talks at Trump’s rally – But. There’s a but: he still does not want to support, offcially back Trump . Only I am fond of supporting, the others find the defect in the ally and try to “take the distance” from people who in the end say almost the same things as they.
  2. Former President of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus formally backs Alternative fur Deutschland, due to the immigration mishandling of Merkel and Tsipras and Renzi and Juncker. But. He, and the still don’t name the NPD. The NPD exists, you know.
  3.  This is big, Belgium, the rich part, wants a North Sea Union after Brexit which would be the real end of Juncker and his team of political human traffickers, collapsed eurozone burocrats and bad bankers. The end of it.

The third is the biggest, but I must insist also on the first and second.

Why do they still feel bad at ease with one another? Why shouldn’t Farage support Trump? Obviously if he were american he would vote him. He has no friends on the left, the Tory didn’t want him in their own team for the Brexit campaign and he plays the prudish with the other right wingers. This is all the mental cage built if you listen to the leftists and you still believe they are in good faith: The leftists are not the good ones and they are not in good faith. You must support Trump yes, of course, whom else do you want to support? He doesn’t want the immigrants you also don’t want the immigrants in the UK. Moreover you are isolated on the Left and you risk to remain isolated also on the Right. Do like Jesus said: “Don’t judge. Who are you to judge?” Don’t you be judgy with one another on the Right.

Good that the former President of the Czech Republic backs AfD and good that gives positive information about Hofer and Marione Le Pen and that they call AfD Right wing and nor Far right. But a little about the NPD? Won’t you give me? Only because they are pro-Palestine instead of being pro-Israel? also Corbyn is pro-Palestine. Putin wants Israel and Palestine to make peace and find an agreement, it would be a good thing for all.

As for the NPD, it’s important to liberalize every right wing party as long as they are democratic and they are democratic. The NPD is considered the tip of spear, if they pass, all the other right wing parties will pass but the ones nostalgic of fascism, people who are not democratic because they believe in the ethic state, like some movements we may have in Italy, it’s not the NPD case at all, as for their relationship with Israel and the Jews you may ask them about it, but not exclude them, so we would have all patriotic right wing demo movements on the carriage of politics and may finally win.

The scandalous sentence of the NPD top candidate for Berlin elections in September was: “We wish every people a land, but not every people a piece of Germany”. In this perspective it is also necessary the partition of Israel/Palestine into two definite entities the way I suggested here the very fact that the NPD refuses to be pro-Israel is a positive thing because it’s like, if you’re right wing and they already accuse you of racism and possibly of islamophobia, you show off you are pro-Israel so at least they don’t accuse you of antisemitism, but you’re actually handing the bill to pay to someone else: the palestinians; they haven’t got to be represented by anyone so at least, right wing people accused of racism don’t get accused also of antisemitism. It’s a mean calculation unless you are truly pro-Israel.

The worst thing that can happen is Merkel again.

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