I don’t accept that we may lose control of Europe only because people believe to television: you must substitute television with Internet. And stop. Because we can win.


Throw television out of the window and watch Infowars. It’s as easy as this. Basically you, we must completely and I mark completely substitute television  with Internet, because on internet all the points of view are given and you can decide who’s more trustworthy. I can’t accept that in Germany honest people still think that Angela Merkel is more honest than Udo Pastörs. I don’t accept that television and also some “deviated” other pieces of media still say “migrants landed to Italy” when migrants didn’t “land” anywhere, fucking Renzi sends ships to take them. I don’t accept to lose Italy for television. This I don’t accept it. You must eliminate, abolish, break physically the tv instrument.

I don’t accept that honorable persons like the ones of the AfD or NPD in Germany are talked about as if they were the bad ones when they are actually normal. I don’t accept the vile silence about Geroge Soros paying ngo’s supposed “activists” who are just people on sale, on tv. I don’t accept that in Britain the ones who have broken Britain talk contemptuously about Nigel Farage. Farage who’ s not even far right he’s conservative. I don’t accept that people are induced to do the opposite of their own true and honest interest by a cabal of jewish bankers and their minions.

I don’t accept it because I know we can win. The way we won Brexit against the BBC and the cabal of jewish bankers and their little “christian” minions, christian like that witch of Cherie Blair and Tony Blair just so we understand, or Renzi and Miss Boschi, the virgin Mary in the living Presepe when she was a little girl. Now this perception that we can win as long as the citizens stop watching television doesn’t make me accept the possibility to lose: it’s so easy, so damn easy, if television is gone, they’re all gone.

I also thought the NPD were bad people before connecting directly to their website, I even was scared of naming Farage  because Farage was “far right” now I think it’s so unprobable that a man like this can be called far right seriously by an educated person that I want, I need to free the rest of humanity.

Don’t watch television because it creates a mental cage that makes it more difficult for you to do your true and best interest, they ask you a sort of self sacrifice that you don’t want to do, as if you “had to”. They make you feel scared of voting right wing, of protecting your culture and your possibility to control the territory, remember that to lose control of the territory and be asked not to fight for it, is anti-human. It’s not human really. It’s the opposite of human. The europeans and the americans are asked not to fight to keep the territory they used to control and to feel guilty in wanting to keep controlling it: this is anti-human. The EU is anti-human, Renzi is anti-human, Freemasonry is anti-human. Like gay weddings and transculture are anti-human. They are all things against humanity for what humanity really is.

When you watch television your brain goes into a mode that’s, I am not joking, between sleep and death. You cannot fight against it, you remain active mentally only the very first period of watching it, after a while your brain falls into a sort of sleep/death mode, this is why you do what television says even strongly against your interests. You must stop watching it, radically. If you want news, sport, music everything substitute tv with internet.

In Sweden they are still there thinking why after all that happens a lot of people still they “feel guilty” voting Sweden Democrats even if they know they would like to. Whatever they tell themselves or the others.

I need to win ’cause I live in Italy, I need your help, you must vote Right wing everywhere, all this “invasion” must stop, we must kick them all out of power: Merkel, Renzi, Hollande, Tsipras, May – yes also May – Löfven etc.

And yes also him Juncker. We must end their power at any level at every level, radically. And freemasonry is their tool, that must be abolished too.

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