Israel bombs Gaza again. Where are the photographs of the little children massacred by Netanyahu? Give me one, a pretty one, I want to use it.


Children slaughtered regularly by the Israelis look pretty much like this. Or worse.

Really the disgusting double measure towards Assad – if it’s really he who massacres people – and the Israelis and the Americans must be blamed and shamed and stopped.

Gaza got bombed again, no images of Palestinians dead ones, neither children nor grown ups, the freemasonry led by the jewish steering group prohibits it: you must watch only the children harmed by their enemies. I put the same photograph they used against Assad, because it’s pretty much the same. Moreover the regular jewish explanation for this new attack on Palestinian territories that the State of Israel would like greedily to inglobe, like the Golan – and that’s why they are against Assad – smells of lies as usual.

Now it’s not Hamas or Hezbollah to have attacked Israel with a qassam missile that casually and luckily didn’t kill anyone – are they so bad at aiming the Palestinians? Lately their missiles don’t kill anyone, but the israeli “due” reaction kills a lot of people instead – well this time it was revindicated by, try and guess whom? The Islamic State. The non arabic named strange entity that now seems to be where? In Gaza, of course. The Israelis and their minions are behaving like buffoons, if they weren’t cruel they would be good for working in a clown circus. Buffoni. The islamic state is being used as an excuse to bomb where there are Israel’s enemies: in Gaza, in Syria etc. There’s no real evidence that it really exists as such, it can be the israelis who throw bombs, that don’t kill anyone btw, to “justify” their reaction that makes massacres. I blame the UK, I believe the foundation of the state of Israel was a crime against humanity. Just like allowing them to have the double nationality and do the spies in the other people’s states or steering other people’s political parties and media. All this must end. And I want to see the photographs of the little children killed by the jews, not only and always the same photographs of the victims of the holocaust – themselves – or the victims of Putin and Assad. They lie. Like Judas.

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