The result of having shunned the anti-immigration right wing parties: rubbish in the streets, unpunished violent crimes. Don’t do it again. Vote people who do your own interest and the true interest of the country.

Two links that talk for me:

Sturgeon’s EU slum: Squalor, filth and sex crime in constituency branded SHAME OF SCOTLAND

FIRST Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon’s very own constituency has become a haven for illegal immigration and organised crime where women cannot walk the streets, it has been claimed.

Yes, it has been claimed. Very much been claimed.

Shocking truth of Britain’s asylum system as judge warns we are heading for DISASTER

AN ASYLUM judge who has spent years buried under false claims has spoken out to warn Britain the asylum system is BROKEN – and heading towards disaster.

 The best sentences by this judge, who wants to stay anonymous try and guess why:
“You must believe me when I say this: our immigration controls are broken and the country cannot cope.” …”the Government simply will not admit the truth – the problem is huge – and they are not spending enough money on enforcing the law.” …”politicians need to “grow up” and stop being scared of being perceived as racist.”
and finally “More than 200,000 people claimed asylum in this country in the decade up to 2014, and another 40,000 last year”.
I would like to mark that claiming asylum means these people don’t even work, they are claiming benefits, to live at the state’s expenses and the judge says most of them in reality have no right to these treatments.
Plus the television mafia style silence on George Soros leaks about his campaign to buy politicians and ngo’s rioters around the world, also to push gay agenda and no borders of course.

Are you really more scared of these ones?

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