Dear Readers, I don’t want to be “patronizing”, but you must vote for the Parties that television tells they are bad. As long as you keep voting BBC-approved guys you are voting for your ruin.


Nigel farage and Nick Griffin both stigmatised by the BBC, both would prevent Britain from becoming a muslim slum. To survive you must vote the people the BBC shuns.

Don’t trust the BBC, the most hated by the BBC a politician or a party is, the better, and if you vote for someone they even refuse to interview, like Nick Griffin, it’s even better again. You must do the opposite of what they say, Tory and Labour will bring more mosques, more immigrants at your expenses, this is the Kalergy Plan, this is what they’re doing, the BBC counts nothing, zero, like this Ø in Italy we call it “zero tagliato” which means “cut zero” because you cannot add a 1 in front of it to make it look like “ten”, they the BBC, RAI & Co. journalists are sell-outs, sold-offs, they had a price, the price was paid now they belong to the globalists. The more they try to block someone, Trump, Corbyn, Britain First the more it means they don’t control them and when they offer you an “alternative” be careful because it’s “their” alternative, therefore my decision to back NPD instead of AfD, the NPD they cannot even name it, it means it’s much better, they are not sold outs, they weren’t on the shelves. As for your fears of being bad, nazi, fascists, now we are losing Europe, being asked to pay for foreigners to live at our expenses in our home, to have them having the precedence on ourselves for university access and you’re still there thinking that maybe if you vote right you are a fascist? What did they leave you with? Nothing. Austerity and cuts and giving your money away, yours not theirs ’cause their own wages are still very high, to the foreigners. I don’t know how to tell you: “you gotta be bad”. Or you won’t survive, just this. Nick Griffin would have prevented Britain from becoming a muslim slum, did you vote Griffin? No, you voted Tories, the Tory who pretended to give you Brexit only because they were scared of Farage and now are retreating: Theresa May won’t do it, she’s sold off otherwise the big masonic press wouldn’t have supported her, she hasn’t got all the time and John Redwood is much more expert than she in trading and economics, she’s losing time to wait after March and pretend she “cannot do it” basically it’s unacceptable that the brexit should be done by a remainer. She won’t do it, you have to change her. Redwood, Rees-Mogg and also Lord Lawson know perfectly Britain can retreat from the EU, propose “to deal tariff free” and then wait for the proposal of the other europeans, at the May government they are bluffing and think about May’s career, how could she possibly be catapulted into Downing Street basically doing nothing? Did she diminish mass immigration to Britain? No, and now she’s looking for hotels and big homes to “settle” the immigrants at your expenses, like nothing, she says one thing and does another: you must get rid of her. They’re all sold outs, these politicians, unless the BBC says bad things about them or tries to eliminate them from the television debates, same goes in Germany, Italy etc. Trust me again. Don’t trust them. Can you remember when I told you: “trust me don’t trust the IMF” for the Brexit campaign? yes, and who was right? Me, the IMF was wrong and now they’re all looking for ways to save face for the deeply insulting Brexit scaremongering they did. I’m right again: you must vote the parties, the politicians the BBC says they are the “bad ones”, or tries to eliminate from the table of the debate. If they are BBC approved, it’s unvotable, it means Rothschild-approved, it means immigration and more gay things. The opposite of what we want. And if you throw television out of the window and avoid radically to watch it you’ll make a favour to yourself and to humanity because they do mislead on purpose, also about Assad, Putin, islamic State, the islamic state doesn’t even exist, it’s the israelis with their dogs at the leash americans who want to take Syria from Assad, don’t you see that sometimes from Washington or Owen Smith comes the statement “we must include the Islamic State in the talks”? The Islamic State is all american and israeli mercenaries trying to occupy Syria for Israel, of course, they are clowns. Corbyn is being refused because he does not support the military slaves-of-Israel agenda.

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