The “good ones” are human traffickers, do satanic rituals at the CERN, worship Shiva and tell you to be scared of the far right. They.are.scared.of.the.far-right.

The good ones, the scientists, the ones who don’t believe in Christ, in God, who mock us christians, they do human sacrifices, or at least are very, very much tempted by it. Those scientists who wanted abortions, late term abortions, to make experiments on human embryos, to mix human DNA with animal’s DNA: they like Shiva.

Apropos, why is there a statue of Shiva at the CERN at all?

And they call the right wingers “ignorant”, also the brexiteers. Ok, now we vote their hated far right because it’s the only thing that scares them; a skinhead in comparison to them is Saint Francis from Assisi.

Don’t tell me it’s a mock human sacrifice, in any case these people are not mentally in conditions to deal with nuclear weapons or nuclear things (and they were scared of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn for that). Little Misses and Misters I-know-everything, the four-eyes of the school good at school but with no friends and girlfriends they end up at the CERN where they…kill their frustration. Don’t give them money. And sack them.

Vote far right and right wing everywhere.

Look, at this point it is clear the refugee crisis, abortions, legalization of drugs is all appetite for destruction: they are crazy, they want to trigger the end of the world, they are wankers and must be stopped. From Renzi to Merkel passing from the CERN little four eyes high on human sacrifices and Shiva blood. God help us, really Father, don’t let us in the hands of these people. The black right wingers who may feel bad at ease with the ethnocentric far right, we must find a solution, the Right is cultural more than ethnical the far right is also ethnical it would be good a right wing party all across Europe to save western culture and Christianity.

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