To choose the NPD in September may make the whole refugee crisis stop suddenly. Before fleeing to Hungary the Germans must do the psychological effort and stop the chaos in Germany. reports that many Germans feel unwelcome in Germany and are even flying to Hungary to be protected by Orban. Link . While there is a record high level of Swedes fleeing away from Sweden and they even are scared of saying why, I noticed that the very good right wing blogger the swedishsurveyor had to leave the country and we don’t know where he is, even if we are informed he’s alive and well. Now, before fleeing the country, vote. You Germans have the opportunity to make this crazy refugee crisis come to an end in September, but you must vote “far right” what the leftists call the “far right” that is the right wing democratic party, better NPD. This would force the CDU/CSU which is not a lefty party and therefore has totally betrayed the electorate, back at the wall, it may bring to the resignation of Merkel or anyway you go on voting right. I am sure that if the NPD wins in September in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  and Berlin, and I’ll give you some material about it and then Hofer wins in october in Austria this craziness of the refugee/immigrants invasion is over, but you moderate electorate, used to be cuddled by the “safe choice” of CDU/CSU that doesn’t exist anymore because it’s not a safe choice anymore since it was destroyed by Merkel for obscure reasons, must do the psychological effort and vote NPD. I also did the psychological effort, it takes nothing, it’s just the first time that gives you “the thrill” then it becomes normal and you don’t think about it any longer. What’s the point of emigrating to Hungary if you can have the same laws they have in Hungary thanks to the good Viktor Orban and the same laws they’ve got in Australia in Germany? The NPD just want for Germany the same immigration and asylum system they’ve got in Australia, if the australians and the swiss are respectable people also the NPD are respectable people.

Now to help you, a bit of propaganda material translated in english from the original website in german. No one thinks badly of you if you vote Right, I would do it.

“For the House of Representatives and regional elections on 18. September 2016 the berliner NPD began a poster offensive with the resolution:


In the meantime entire parts of Berlin cannot be recognized anymore. Turkish and arabic bands dominate many quarters. Islamic parallel societies give the tone to the picture of the town. German children are now in many schools of Berlin a minority.

With the poster action the berliner Nationaldemocratics want to make clear that the Capital in just a few years won’t be a german town anymore, if the political circumstance doesn’t change soon.

The top candidate to the House of Representatives and Regional President of the NPD, Sebastian Schmidtke, said today in Berlin:

“We, besides, want no import of inner turkish conflicts to Germany. The separate settlements between Kurds and Turks as between Erdogan- Supporters and Erdogan – Opponents have since long become a risk to the security also in Berlin. The berliner NPD wishes a land to every people, but not a piece of Germany to every people! Or, to say it with the encouragement of the actual election battle: Turkey to the Turks, but Germany to us Germans!”

Klaus Beier
NPD-Federal press spokesman.” Original in german


Poster for the elections in Berlin

I want the moderate classic voters of CDU/CSU to vote NPD.


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