Freemasonry is “the” enemy: it makes power shift from the christian component of society to the jewish component of society. Here’s how.


Crown and symbols of power of the austrian empire, the cross over the globe represents the dominion of Christianity over the world. Freemasonry was organized by some kabalarian jews to make a shift of power from the christians to the jews.

The Emperor of Austria did right: he outlawed Freemasonry tout court. Freemasonry is the real enemy of the christians because it’s there to activate a mechanism of shift of power from the original western christian component of society to the jewish component of society. The emperor of Austria knew it and knew that no christian has any interest in letting freemasonry taking power, even if he/she is offered something personally. Apart from the cheap accusations of antisemitism or the stupid presumption that “jews have more power than the others because they are cleverer” in reality there is a clear mechanism of shift of power to the jewish component of society because they are at the top of freemasonry and the non jews have to obey them for the oath of obedience even against their own true interests and will.

To justify that the jews are 30% of the steering group of our nations being only the 0,25% of the population there is more than an average high level of education: it’s from 2,5 per thousand to 30 per cent. It’s too much. Even if the whole of the jews worked in high position still they wouldn’t be numerically enough to grant Israel all that power. There are the masons who are not jews but take orders by unknown superiors and the unknown superiors are jews. The first thing they have to do in freemasonry is to ditch Jesus Christ, they haven’t got to say publicly that they believe in Christ, they’ve got to revert to a vetero-testamentarian situation and this only should make them smell what it’s all about, then they are asked continuously to give power to non western christian entities: the jews, the hindus, the muslims, then only white christians are put on a trial no matter how many dead ones Utu, Tutsi, Muslims, Jews do and have done, thy are asked to de-empower white christian people, to accept mass immigration with the declared aim of stealing to the white christians the control of Europe and USA, then they are asked to declare the dead ones of the holocaust special victims, more important than any other victim, why? Why, logically, if you’re not a jew you should consider the victims of Hitler more important than the ones of Stalin or Mao Tze Tung? Or the victims of the aztec human sacrifices in South America? They want you to swear that the holocaust is more important, why? Because they are jews, it is just plain, there’s no logic in this assertion if not that you are a jew and you are self centered. There’s no evidence that the jews in Auschwitz suffered more than the victims of Mao, I know that for example Mao could ordered the public torture of innocent army soldiers unjustly accused of treason only to dissuade eventual real traitors from going on with their plan. Just like probably what the “good” aztecs did in South America was the most painful way of killing ever. The jews react to this only because they are jews and they are self centered, and the fact that they want, through freemasonry, to set regular opinion crimes is only a way to show the weakness of their position.

Freemasonry is judaism for the non jews that the jews don’t want to allow in their private clubs but want to control. In reality the jewish clubs are very “divisive” the way they like to say, they don’t want non-jews in their club, they tell the others, through freemasonry, that they must be “inclusive” and then they are exclusive for their own club. For example, all the masonic lodges promote inclusiveness and openness regardless of race, religion and gender, but the B’Nai B’Rith the most powerful masonic lodge is for jews only, jews by bloodline don’t misunderstand, and probably it’s precisely this B’Nai B’Rith that gives the suicidal orders to the white christians packed in the other lodges. Let me tell you this, dear non jewish masons, do you really understand the orders they give you? For example to fill Italy with black muslims or even to build a mosque in front of the Pisa Tower in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, dedicated to the Virgin Mary? That Coudenhove-Kalergy who claimed all the people in the world should mix, he personally belonged to the B’Nai B’Rith where there were only jews.

In Italy the chief of the pro-immigration, pro-frontex party is israeli, swiss and finally maybe also italian citizen, they pushed for the double and triple nationality but don’t give the israeli nationality to the ones who are not jews, they even accuse the politicians who are against the concept of the double nationality of racism: everybody knows that Michael Leeden, Michael Chertoff and Paul Wolfowitz used the double nationality Israel/USA to spy on the USA and make it blackmailable by Israel and they, particularly Michel Chertoff covered up the evidences about 9/11. And the others? The non jews? They are recruited in freemasonry and made swear obedience “against their will” and “against their interest” or the interest of their country and are put there to fight against nationalism and racism that brought the holocaust. Labelled arbitrarily the “absolute evil”. Why absolute evil? Why more evil than any other massacre? It’s a bit offensive towards the non jews to state basically that when they kill the jews is worse than if they kill chinese or russians or armenians, or Utu versus Tutsi.

In any case freemasonry must be dissolved. Non jewish masons are brought regularly into doing the opposite of our interests, also the disgusting obsession with transgenders and gays, it is done to de-masculinize society, to humiliate boys, men of military age, it’s almost a psychological castration, wolf whistling like rape, manspreading like rape, they ask primary school kids if by the way they are not girls trapped into the body of males. They want to de-empower the army, I’m not joking, it’s child abuse. Right wing parties are constantly object of attempted ban “because they are sexist”. In Israel? In Israel they should be free to do what they like, there are the masons in chiefs, DeBenedetti, Rothschild, Brezinski. The ones who give orders to the other masons. Without freemasonry the jews go back 0,25% of the population and finally will not be able to have all that power of influence and we take back really control of Europe.

Freemasonry was engined precisely to make power shift from the christian majority to the jewish minority that’s on top of it. The freemason basically swears fidelity to the jewish leaders without fully realizing it. The Emperor of Austria was right, freemasonry must be outlawed, disintegrated.

I make you a clean example of how very few people can give rules the majority loathe, for example the ones about accepting millions of immigrants and all the gay weddings and transagenda stuff. RAI and BBC are the most hated media outlets because they are paid with people’s tax money but they do the interests of the people less than many private media outlets.

At the Bilderberg they choose 2 people, just two: Monica Maggioni and Matteo Renzi, then through the net of freemasonry put them 1 in Palazzo Chigi as Prime Minister, without being voted by us, put there by another mason the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, and 2 as RAI President and the game is done, these three people in line can sack the ones who don’t accept the Bilderberg Kalergy Plan, and they do.

It’s like they wait for the planets alignment, when in the hierarchy – chain they’ve got all men that respond to them they make the plan start and the hierarchy is legal. When this doesn’t work there’s a lot of blackmailing, in many high level secret societies people who are likely, for their family background, to get powerful are asked as initiation ritual to do something vile, illegal or extremely embarrassing, like the pig thing with Cameron or the black sadomaso hooker, brought there by a Sinclair btw, for Osborne, then they produce embarrassing material and they can file it for years until they use it.

The masons who don’t like what they’re doing must follow the instinct and drop freemasonry entirely: let the jews go back 3 per thousand. As for the Rothschild’s threat that they can put your country out of the SWIFT well, we must not leave a family, a small group of private people own all that power: we must arrest them and nationalise the superbank so no one can control us. Arrest Rothschild and take the banks. That’s all.


As strictly for antisemitism, during the Empire of Austria the Jews were protected and did a lot of money, after the Empire fell, thanks to the traitors of freemasonry and, it is rumoured, of the so called “Illuminati” who thought they had finally got rid of the loathed christian empire, there came really Hitler who really started a tremendous jews persecution ended up in the Holocaust. Christianity is better, also for the others.

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