The Eurozone is totally to blame both for the German and the Greek crisis both the economic and the refugee ones. Germany and Greece must split. Or they’ll kill one another.

As a christian I was taught that only in extreme cases, when there is danger for the children a married couple can split, when children get seriously harmed it’s really better if they divorce, not to marry ever again; well as for Germany and Greece it’s really better if they split and if they split now. It’s been the worse marriage ever this one of the eurozone, it produced the refugee crisis that’s destroying Germany and the economic crisis that’s destroying Greece and now it’s all about wanting war damages paid back, back to WWII or the accusations of overspending, crazy overspending of the Greek State by the Germans. I play the advocate: first of all you must split, german and greek economies must split, be separated legally. Then Greece must find a currency good for its own needs and Germany too, the EU and the eurozone must be closed; it’s a failed experiment. The German can concede the debt relief to the Greeks and this would be a very good thing to do, but the Greeks must have an economic independence afterwards. We hoped too much in Brexit, that after Brexit there would be the collapse of the EU, but it is evident that Brexit is being boycotted, the UK just gave millions of pounds to Brussels “to check the national interests”, which is like trying to take people for fools: they just don’t want to do it and are dragging on the situation until an “unexpected event” comes and they’ll say they cannot Brexit really anymore, and this is evident, as it is evident that Farage is too tired for the level of fight that’s required and that without the “Farage danger” the Tories fall back into the fully pro-establishment Party that they are.

In Germany only the NPD has the guts to say clearly, writing it and signing it that the euro and the EU are damaging Germany more than they help it. The others are floating on air trying not to make decisions.

But from Greece, Germany must split.trial-by-jury-730x365


If you’re asking me why the refugee crisis comes from the eurozone crisis it is because Greece is being blackmailed by the globalists into taking millions of refugees because of its debts.

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