Chilling Video of Corbyn Antisemitism Process. Would you want to undergo that? If you’re Labour, vote Corbyn for Free Speech.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joins thousands of people in Clerkenwell Green, central London, to celebrate workers' achievements at a May Day rally

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The video is chilling, the jewish lobby can that much, everybody on a trial: NPD on a trial, Britain First on a trial, Jeremy Corbyn on a trial. During the eighties even David Irving could say what he liked. Moreover the f****g jewish lobby never puts on a trial the bankers who donated millions of Marks to Hitler for the noble reason that they were other jews. Kuhn Loeb & Co. Not only, Edgar Bronfman Sr. who went asking money to the swiss banks for the victims of the holocaust was married to Anna Loeb probably descendant of the Loeb banker who had personally financed Hitler: he should have asked the “reparation money” to his wife. These are the zionists and the “poor jews”. God help us, and help Corbyn.


The above video, for me, is embarassing at least. It’s spanish Inquisition level “eppur si muove” – “and yet it moves ” the sentence  – non – said by Galileo to the Inquisition.

Source: Jewish Labour movement backs Owen Smith overwhelmingly

Since Owen Wilson is a miserable person, if you care about free speech and you are Labour, please support Jeremy Corbyn and maybe, after this trial, his supporters and he will bring back Freedom of Speech in the UK  and repeal the arrogant hate-speech laws that have put on a trial people only for saying what they really thought and also the negationism mustn’t be a crime anymore: the opinion crime must not exist quite simply.


Michael Foster the poor jew who’s scared of Corbyn and wants the opinion crime for his safety, but doesn’t ask for reparation to the f****g jewish bankers who really financed Hitler with millions of Marks without which Hitler wouldn’t thrive.

Let’s tell the truth, without the bankers Hitler wouldn’t be able to do what he did, the bankers who financed him were jewish high masons: Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb, the oversensitive jews who want epurations and opinion crime and reparation money, could do without breaking the balls to us Genteels.

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