Not to vote Right-wing with Europe in these Conditions is intellectual Cowardice.

A police car burns on the street after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

A couple of links, all showing where the Left has brought the Europeans:

Muslim gang grooming of white girls in Rotherham apparently goes on.

Child sex abuse inquiry in Britain declared unmanageable.

Police scared of stopping vote rigging in muslim areas.

Christians refugees beaten by muslim “refugees” for reading the Bible in refugee centre.

Malmoe Police called in migrant quarter by false alarm and then finds the police car burnt

German minister of CSU/CDU refuses to ban burqa.

I relate it to gay weddings: this happens when they convince you that it is normal to take it in the bottom.

Still scared of Udo Voigt? Let me understand, what could Udo Voigt or any other Right wing or “far right” politician do worse than this? More rapes? Impossible. More police cars burnt? Not in Sweden and France. It’s already an immigrant habit. Oh, antisemitism, that means not to accept that the Jews being only the 2.5 per thousand not per cent, per thousand you understood, control almost entirely the Fed and the f*****g BBC. A BBC that tells you not to vote Right from the height of having paid, hosted and protected serial child abusers among its stardom. And establishment.

If it isn’t fear, or cowardice, then it is blindness. Open your eyes. Proud like a god don’t pretend to be blind.

Follow the last line of the song: “beat the machine that works in your head.”

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