Merkel’s bluff: it’s her that’s not respecting the Dublin Treaty it’s not the eastern states doing illegal things. According to the Rule of Law Merkel must be punished, If the Treaties don’t count there’s no EU there’s only the euro crisis.

Merkel’s bluff. Read this: she wants to punish the eastern states that don’t want to take the refugees for not respecting EU laws and values, instead it’s her who’s not respecting the treaties and wants the others to simply do what she asks like little circus dogs. She keeps the surplus that the wicked euro engine gives Germany, does not respect the Dublin Treaty and then tells the others : “you are not respecting the laws” being “laws” what she wants.

If the treaties don’t count, there’s no EU, there’s, in reality, only the eurozone which is a failure and a permanent crisis generator that’s destroying the southern stupid states, stupid because they stay there, Italy included, to be damaged when they could just simply step out. Italy’s rich europhiles who brought the country inside the EU-Eurozone have…left the country. John Elkann, FIAT’s owner and regular bilderberger has moved the headquarter of FIAT Chrysler to Britain- Heathrow while keeping it registered, no not in Turin, in Luxembourg, this is the confidence the main, the most regular bilderberg attendant of the country has in Italy: he run away. He knows it’s not going to last, moreover, to cut all the ties with the former “beautiful land”  – this is how Italy used to be called in the nineteenth century, when people said: “see Naples and then die” now they say “if you want to die go to Naples” which is a bit different – well to cut completely ties he sold the quotas of the Corriere della Sera and La Stampa the two newspapers his family owned/controlled, he’s not interested anymore, guess why. De Benedetti, the other illuminatus of “ours” did even worse: he goes on buying newspapers and politicians to strictly tell us to stay in the eurozone and take the immigrants and be no-borders while living in Israel with his Rothschild superior or alternatively, no not in Italy don’t worry, in Switzerland, in Italy they want to arrest him. This is it. And they tell me to take the immigrants and stay in the eurozone. Gosh, readers, before voting  and going after a newspaper or a journalist control who pays them and where they live and where they hid their own money – usually Switzerland that has a completely different currency-structure than the euro, the euro was meant for you and I the idiots they have got the golden Francs – well, their journalists lie; they are paid for lying, the more they lie the more they get paid: if they say the precise opposite of reality they can buy a villa in Anacapri, where their masters regular owners may even invite them for some garden tea parties, not the exclusive ones, the ones for the servants fest.


Very beautiful, how much is it? Monica, Fiona?


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