Mecklenburg-Vorpommern electoral test on the 4th of September, let’s see how the Right does and if by the way Angela Merkel gets some heart attack and stops. I back Pastoers-NPD.


From Southern Italy I have to be interested in the regional election in the german Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Land of Rostock, to be held on the 4th of September; now it’s a very important test, because it will give the measure to Angela Merkel over her policy. It is necessary that the Right wins and wins big, so that at least, if not for conscience but for fear of losing power they stop taking refugees and breaking the Dublin Treaty; since the Party of Angela Merkel is not, officially, a lefty Party, it is a Centre Party, the only way out is the door on the right. It’s not my fault, it’s Angela Merkel’s fault, the CDU/CSU is not the “hard left” in fact it is the Centre, this means that to make her stop you must vote more Right, more on the Right you can find two parties: the AfD and the NPD. I am not 100% convinced of AfD ’cause I’m scared they are set up to “play” the right wing xenophobe party by the Illuminati establishment, and I’m not joking, the Vigilant Citizen managed to convince me; certainly Udo Pastörs is not Illuminati, they don’t even want him, with him, they don’t even try. I apologize with AfD if I am offending them but I want to be “safe”: it must not be a person controlled by Freemasonry.

I give you the translation of an article about Europe and the EU published in german on the official website of the Party NPD, the German Democratic Right that the leftists call the “Nazi”, so we start understanding what these people really say, given that the Left, about Pastörs says, on the wiki profile in german, that he’s a german neonazi, while on the english profile there’s written he’s a german politician former leader of the far right party NPD, which sounds more polite. Ok, Merkel has brought us here, let’s see what we can do. First let’s translate in english the view of the Party about Europe, the EU and the refugee crisis which is the main issue we other europeans are personally interested in, I tell you quite frankly that it is in our interests that Pastörs gets elected and that the NPD does “scandalously” well, so we’ll see if by the way Merkel stops taking refugees, because if Germany declares that they don’t take anymore refugees and if so please does also Sweden, the crisis should halt, because the immigrants/refugees who “jump” from Bodrun to Kos, they don’t do it because they want to stay in Kos, but because they want to reach the “Paradises” of Germany and Sweden, all the continental countries do us a favour if they declare they won’t take any so Renzi and Tsipras should stop playing the human traffickers and the refugee crisis should come to an end, so Vote Pastörs & Co.

NPD & Udo Pastörs’s vision of the Relationship between the EU and Europe.

The EU is not Europe.

The President of the NPD Frank Franz and his Vice Ronny Zasowk conducted now their first visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. They talked with the NPD-MEP Udo Voigt about his parliamentary initiatives so far and about the possibilities, to fill with life the Vision of a Europe of self determined and sovereign national-states also in Strasbourg and Brussels.

All three agreed that the EU is not synonym of Europe, indeed it brings to the demise of Europe. It cannot be in the german interest or specifically in the european interest to become a twin brother of the United States of America, the EU at present is nothing more than a melting pot without identity and binding value system.

The bloody terror attack in Paris has made one more time clear, that we Europeans sit all in the same boat when it’s about dealing with problems of threats to our existence as well as foreign infiltration and islamification.

The EU is a gigantic apparatus of redistribution, that brings in addition, that above all we must spend sums of german billions for implementing a policy that is not in our interests. So it’s decades that foreign national economies are fed with german taxpayers’ money – the foreign aid bill for EU countries ed.Notes – to make them adequate to the european single market.

The EU is a burocratic monster that dictates till the slightest details to the european people how they’ve got to live. When the talk is about harmonisation, it’s actually meant egalitarianism and levelling to a hardly reasonable mediocrity. Different people and economies are squeezed in a corset, in which they can hardly develop.

The EU is a threat for security, that forces the european national states not to control anymore their own borders and so produces an economic boom for human traffickers and international criminal cartels. And the EU becomes the more and more a warmonger, because it proves Russia with painful economic sanctions, blackmails Russia’s partners and so it turns the escalation screw.

The times when politicians like Helmut Kohl were never tired of making clear that the EU was a guarantor for security and peace in Europe are, since long gone. The EU has become a danger for peace and security in Europe!

When one visualizes that the EU in the meantime influences over 80% of the german laws, that Germany participates both to the various euro-bail outs and also to the expensive measures of the European Central Bank (ECB) with 27% and that Germany within the EU takes the majority of the asylum seekers and refugees, one can with good reason say that the EU damages Germany more than it helps.

This above is my translation of the original german article I linked; I would like to add another very good reason to vote NPD: they are against the LGBT agenda, against gay weddings and adoptions.

Let’s go suddenly to the supposed “scandals” related to a politician like Udo Michael Wilhelm “Udo” Pastörs; in reality it’s very little thing, he once called Alan Greenspan a hook-nose, referred to the jewish lobby saying that the German Federal Republic is a “Jew Republic” – what’s the USA, then? – and called turkish men “semen cannons”. Now it’s a bit vulgar, I admit it, but the identity of the Party was still quite a bit “laddish”, now they should feel more “responsibility” for the middle class and the Ladies must vote them.

As for the jewish lobby, or that the chairmen of the Federal Reserve are too often jews it’s true, unfortunately.

It’s good for us if Pastörs became President of the Land Mecklenburg Vorpommern and the NPD had a good majority, I’m convinced the refugee crisis would stop, either Merkel would stop it directly by herself or she would have a heart attack and would be recovered in a hospital and her Vice would become Chancellor. It must stop. In France they are already asking people to take the thugs/refugees inside their homes, I don’t want to take anyone inside my home, these people must be repatriated, vote Pastörs, please and give a hand..


I’ve got to warn you that even the people who organized, coldly, the refugee crisis have stated that their plan can be stopped only “if the far right wins”, other observers have pointed out instead that it can be stopped either if the far right wins or if the moderate parties apply the far right policies. For maximum security, anyway, vote Right, ’cause the “moderate” apply right wing policies only when they’re really scared that the real Right wins or when they feel they need an alibi to be tough. Give them the alibi or give them the solution: vote Right everywhere.

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