All Northern italian Borders shut down: Austria, Switzerland and France. Renzi goes on taking immigrants and not registering them, admits they’re not refugees but refuses to repatriate them. The system is collapsing. Italy doesn’t exist anymore. EU is castrated.

They wanna impose their will to the others, but the others don’t obey them. I stand with the “others”, the swiss, the austrians and the french: they are right. Renzi takes immigrants, doesn’t register them, admits they’re not refugees, goes in Rio and leaves these growing number of africans around Italy doing absolutely nothing: he expected to let them smuggle into the core of Europe: Switzerland, Austria and France, but the core of Europe is not dumb and shut the borders. link

Right wing politician and President of the rich Region Lombardy, Roberto Maroni has Milan invaded, the imbeciles of the “smug” milanese voted left, Maroni is President probably for the vote of the countryside, now the smug imbeciles of the milanese can fuck off or keep their migrants around themselves. And I am glad, they did it they deserve it.

I always thought the smug leftists are not even 1 tenth clever as they fancy to be; they are idiots: they ruined themselves by themselves.

What did you expect by people who financed and imposed to Milan this “art”.

CattelanDitoMedio This is in central Milan in front of the financial headquarter of the town called the “Borsa” the equivalent of the City or Wall Street. We did the hell not to have this, but the rich northern italians, Beretta and Moratti imposed this to Milan.

They left no doubt about it when, in the middle of the row, the wife of Franco Beretta – of the gun factory – came out in an interview with all her list of surnames: Gnutti Gussalli Beretta, madame, to defend this disgusting thing, I can remember she said she liked the author of this, such pervert called Maurizio Cattelan, author also of this installation:BambiniCatelan and when a milanese group wanted to remove it, the judges, oh the italian judges, put them on a trial saying they had no authority for removing the installation, the piece of art.

Another lady catholic and stupid, that took the habit of protecting the perv artist and that was Mayor of Milan, unfortunately with Berlusconi’s Party, and decided the installation of the middle finger in the middle of the town, is Mrs. Letizia Moratti, oil trader’s wife and probably friend with the other rich girl who likes perverted artists Alberta Gussalli Gnutti Beretta & Co. What could I do? They did the school of the nouns, they weren’t jews.

This is just a sample of the level of the italian so called ruling class, that imposed to us the entrance in the EU and the eurozone against our will and best interests and Renzi and the invasion of immigrants and now:

CattelanDitoMedio Take this from Switzerland, Austria and France.

Closed borders, keep your clandestine immigrants around Milan, I’m glad they want to stay in Milan the immigrants, so they go and disturb Mrs Moratti and Gnutti Gussalli etc. when they try to buy another fucking Prada handbag.

Don’t accept any immigration compact. The EU is totally excuse me the metaphor, castrated, they cannot do anything, they shout, they want but they cannot and everybody knows it. The invasion of Italy must stop and be reverted, chiuso. Italy is collapsing and it’s all italian fault. We didn’t want Renzi, we didn’t want Monti, we didn’t want Maurizio Cattelan, people who wanted this, they must be personally disturbed by this.


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