EU feud South Vs. North and why they’re all wrong. There’s no Union, there are only people who try to trick one another: Renzi is not saving the banks, he wants to save his Party donors who are in the admin board.

ExpressSouthernVsNorthThere’s no European Union, the European Union is another optical illusion; they did the eurozone without euro-transfer which means austerity or debts till bankrupt; that’s all. Germany and Holland try to keep the surplus and the southern states try to make more debts, like idiots. Everything is prohibited by the useless Treaties, both the surplus and the debts, I can see only countries that try economically to trick one another, therefore I prefer the Brexit solution. What currency can you have without the transfer Union? The countries exist when they have to block the payments of the debts from a rich one to a poor, then don’t exist anymore for the borders and the trading, lately the borders exist again, because the southerners play the merciful with millions of refugees/immigrants breaking the Dublin Treaty with the approval of the useless commission. I’ve never seen Europe reduced to this low level of administration.

And again it’s Rothschild’s fault; when the rich countries said they didn’t want to make the EU with the poor southerners Rothschild’s minions started accusing them of the only thing they can accuse someone of: “racism” then the rich countries said “we lose too much money, because we’d have to pay for debts we don’t do” at that point Rothschild’s solution was the hybrid: “ok, same currency but no transfer from a country to another” and the hybrid produced Greece.

It’s like they wanted to do it forcefully. By “stealth” they confessed. By tricks I’d say.

Listen to me. Stop. They accuse you of racism, of antisemitism, but they accused also Corbyn for that, you know it doesn’t work, you’re a western christian, you’re responsible for your own actions and as Jesus Christ said: “You’ll recognize the tree by the fruits” and which fruits has the EU produced? Chaos, mass illegal immigration and the southerners who want to make debts. Be “racist”, drop it. And without apologizing.

I’m italian, I don’t know what I would give to be out of the EU, not only of the eurozone but also outside the European Union and have back a golden currency administered by the treasury and the bank of Italy in consular partnership. We would be richer and that’s what counts. Oh dear, don’t be shocked, I’m sick, because it doesn’t make sense to lose money the way we are losing it in Italy. We must exit the eurozone not staying in and making more debts as Renzi wants link. If the rich northern countries exited, Holland Germany and co. they would be doing me a favour. Please exit yourselves for the firsts because in Italy we have a “ruling” class so described by a right wing columnist: “The italian freemasons are of very modest quality, they wouldn’t be able to run a stationery shop and they wanted to run the banks, this is the result.”. He wasn’t exaggerating. According to an italian economist not accepted on the political-party-media or masonic media, there wouldn’t be any MPS or banking system problem at all if the banks’ shares were given back to the market, I quote by heart, but the actual owners would lose control of them, and the actual owners are big guys inside Renzi’s Party PD, so we are not saving the banks we are saving the property, the “modest quality masons who wouldn’t be able to run a stationery shop and want to run the banks”. Maurizio Blondet compared them to the dog that doesn’t want to be taken away the bone, so we italians and the other eurozone-europeans are making debts and losing lots of money not to save the banking system as some party-controlled media want to make us believe, but so that the banks don’t change administration board. This is obviously not acceptable, I don’t even vote for Renzi’s party, why should I pay so that Renzi’s party or a couple of inept masons don’t lose control of the admin board of the banks after failing to do their job? What we can see is countries, politicians and parties that try to trick one another. Also Tsipras and the refugees: he takes the people from Kos to Athens and so doing he’s already participating to the human traffick, why? Because he doesn’t want to lose the job as Prime Minister so he’s abiding by the rules of the globalists that required from him that he participated to the Kalergy Plan of filling Europe with non european christian immigrants and he’s sacrificating his country and would sacrificate also the rest of Europe for this. Like Renzi is indebting the country and would like to indebt also the rest of the eurozone so that his companions of Party don’t lose personally the control of the admin board of the banks. I’d exit. From any position, both northeners and southerners are better off independent. Staying in, we are impoverishing to serve an oligarchy of inepts and of anti-white racists.

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