Turning Tide: Jeremy Corbyn writes for the Telegraph. What this could mean. Anyway, something very very good.


Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party .

The tide is turning, definitely. Jeremy Corbyn writes for the Telegraph, the establishment british press owned by the Barclays Brothers who live in a castle on an island and are english protestants and whose headquarter in London is in the cheap Buckingham Palace Road. The Tory Newspaper.


Jeremy Corbyn, since yesterday writes there. About nationalizing the ferry, etc. he hasn’t changed nationalization policies, read it, if you like, no more wars in the Middle East? Till yesterday, pardon, till the day before yesterday, the Telegraph establishment painted Corbyn as an unelectable, they even participated, a bit, to the supposed antisemitism row, but they were more focused on Trident that Corbyn doesn’ t like. Ok, the tide has turned. Corbyn was presented as “Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party and of Her Majesty’s most loyal Opposition” I remember by heart. No more unelectable antisemite? No. Electable leader of the opposition who wants in foreign policy “The resolution of the conflict” which may mean no more butchering and bombing around for israeli security. I wouldn’t like to say it, but I’ve got the feeling that after the harsh insult to little Prince George by the jewish led “white privilege obsessed” hysterics the anglo-franco-protestant establishment is finally detaching itself from the -lethal- jewish lobby: they are discharging it, and they’re doing it right. Add another good news, while Lord Mandelson, emeritus representative of above mentioned jewish globalist sect, goes around hoping, uselessly I daresay, to overturn the Brexit, Her Majesty sends a man of hers, James Roscoe to overlook the Brexit directly from Boris Johnson’s office: they want out, “lock stock and barrel” the way Prof. Patrick Mindford plainly said in another article from the Telegraph and it is clear after John Redwood’s and John Longworth’s analysis that it is not within the UK’s economic – and not only economic – interests to stay within the European Union, add again that, always from the Telegraph, the City of London refuses the norwegian model – to stay in the single market paying a fee and accepting free movement – which means they want the total Brexit, Brussels will have no power over any, not even little, even less the immigration related one, policy of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Am I being too optimistic? I’m almost scared in chanting victory, but…I’ve got the feeling we are making it. The wrath of the King is death. King George V did it, King George VI will undo it. Maybe the nightmare of the israeli lobby everywhere is 5 minutes to its end.


Hungary set to refuse the attempted law of refugee quotas imposed by Brussels, chaos in Ventimiglia with no-borders and police and France sending, more than rightly, back to Italy the illegal immigrants Renzi the mason takes, but then refuses to register the way he should according to the Dublin Treaty. Dublin is over, Schengen is over, the UK is set to be fully out. Jean Claude Juncker is drunk and Jeremy Corbyn writes for the Telegraph.

The tide has turned and it has turned in a way I like. It’s good for me.

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