If you’re black and don’t identify with the BlackLivesMatter you’re right: the white faces of the bosses, none of them is black, they’re all ashkenazi jews supportive of Hillary and…they want to use you against Trump.

I take a coffee and come back, because this article deserves attention. I want to make it hurt. After insults like “antisemitic” and being cut off the comment board of a couple of newspapers online, now I want my italian revenge: it’s true, in the face, in the name and in the position: the Black Lives Matter bosses are not black, they are ashkenazi jews with their white skin and blue eyes and want to use the black to push their agenda, to disrupt Trump’s rally, because they support pro-Israel Hillary. The most impressive part of this story is that they hate the anglo-saxons who set them free from Auschwitz more than they hate the germans who did it and worst of all, destroy the career and image of the successful black people who don’t need and don’t want their pity and are not looking for “reparations money” or jobs superior to their qualification, the way the jews do for the holocaust, because beggars they were and, full of money as they are, always beggars remain.

I understood they were jews by their brand: “the reparations money”. I’m going for the coffee.

I’m back. here’s the BLM real bosses, the donors, the ones who pay the wage to Delrey Mackesson, the ones Delrey Mackesson obeys and would call “Sir” if they lowed down to the point of personally meeting him, which I doubt, they probably send a henchman to talk to him.

Tom Steyer face:

TomSteyer White, blue/greyish eyed, on his wikipedia profile there’s no religion so I can’t say he’s ashkenazi, but he does not want to be identified as christian, member of Democracy Alliance, he’s a supporter of Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump and therefore supporter of Israel and neocon wars to bomb Iran, after Iraq and Libya – how many asian and black more killed? -; He studied at Yale and then worked, try and guess for ….Goldman Sachs and even for the big fail Morgan Stanley. Black Lives Matter, but not libyan, palestinian and iraqi or iranian, those lives can be bombed by Killary.

Paul Egerman, face:

PaulEgerman White, I can’t detect perfectly the colour of the eyes, but they look greyish, no black whatsoever. Jew, vice-President of New Israel Fund and Treasurer of Democracy Alliance, pro-Hillary, pro bombing Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Black Lives Matter, not in the Middle East, it’s for israeli security. Gosh, I’m being anti-semitic.

George Soros, face:

SorosEye I know it’s horrible, I don’t mean to scare you, but in this photograph you can enjoy Soros’ bleach white pinkish skin colour and even the blue ashkenazi eyes. On which base are these people black?

They are not, the whole thing of the Black Lives Matter was produced inside the white gotha of Democracy Alliance by pro-Israel and anti-Putin Hillary supporters: their enemy is Trump and intend to use the black in anti-Trump function. They built BLM to create I quote them “…a permanent infra-structure to advance liberal ideas and causes” translated by a website “to try and engineer additional racial and class tensions in the UK and Europe.” They want also to use it to promote more gay and trans culture that many black refuse.

On the DailyMail online they went  from critical comments to sheer publicity to the group and even the comment board shut down. No mention of the white jewish financiers. The black americans have a totally different culture from the BLM and I know it because sometimes I listen to rap music: they are proud and want success don’t want “reparation money” they would be ashamed of the reparation money it’s all a “go hard or go home” culture like Roy Jones or the Game Rebellion and they are proud of their clean success wich is not a quota it is the real pure success, moreover the likes of Kanye West have said that all successful black men are being pulled down and many people white and black suspect the Bill Cosby affair was due to the purpose of Bill Cosby to set up a charity to teach black youth not to focus on racism, but to focus on themselves and their talents to be successful. In reality the identity of the black has been artificially “hijacked” and demoralized – or at least there has been the attempt to do it – by the BLM who teach them to feel object of racism also when nothing has happened in their real lives, actually to live thinking about the slavery time like the jews live thinking about the holocaust and ask money and jobs superior to their qualifications “per quotas” as a reward, a black young man who in America started saying he didn’t want a job per quota he wanted a job he can do well and because he can do it well was killed by a car while he was walking, the black people who don’t fit in the little cage the jews have set up for them are eliminated, virtually, from the media, socially or physically.

The above music is real black american culture. And you don’t do this begging money and crying over yourself.

Now the Black Lives Matter in Europe are used for the no-border purpose, always Soros’ creation and to try and prevent the deportations of the illegal immigrants, they are somewhat “pretending” to be against Israel, but in reality if you’re truly against Israel they try to sack you, the way they are trying to do in the Labour Party.

Then, there is another interesting question. Why shouldn’t the ashkenazi jews be considered white if they are white? When they walk around, people see they’re white, they don’t see they are jews so they also should have the so called “white privilege banner” whatever it is the white privilege banner, till now they have attacked little Prince George because he kindly handed a bit of ice-cream to the house dog, which means only he’s a generous little boy and, I mean, he’s three year old, all the billionaire ashkenazi jews who pay politicians – Hillary – to bomb the Middle East and make the Third World War with Putin that Trump, the supposed bad one, wants to avoid instead?

They’re all paid, the Black Lives Matter leaders, and they are ruining the lives of the black people who want to stand on their feet and want the immigration law to be respected. Because, let’s tell the truth, why should black and asian citizens not want the immigration law be respected like the others? And why don’t the jews put their own face on their initiatives of invasion of Europe and bombing the ME and promoting homosexuality instead of hiding always behind other ethnicities and groups? If you’re not anti-semitic, you are either a jew or a stupid one.

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