We don’t live in a Rallicracy nor in a NGOcracy, we live in a Democracy, in no way a Rally or an NGO can be put at the same level of a government or democratic elections and Referendum. #BlackLivesMatter&Co.


Deportation of illegals.

I know what they want, the BlackLivesMatter, the NGOs the antiracist activists, they want to allow black people to break the law and not being prosecuted through scaring the governments and the police with the accusation of racism and here we, the governments and the people must be tough, we risk to end up again like in Rotherham with thousand of little girls raped and abused continuously by organized gangs and the Police under the evil control of the BBC and the leftists that couldn’t make serious investigations and arrests inside the asian, that is pakistani, community, because the accusation of racism was enough to sack the police officers. I hate the left mainly for this: they want to break the laws, particularly now the immigration law, the way they used to break the drugs detention law, or even in the Rotherham case the rape assault law and not go to jail.

This is why they do the rally against racism or against the deportations of the illegals they and the NGOs supported by Rothschild or Soros, the big beasts of the lefty movement, who, anyway, don’t control Corbyn and this is why they try to get rid of him, uselessly I’m glad to say, because if Rothschild wants him sacked he must have done something good.

Well, the concept is, we don’t live in a rallicracy -or rallycracy? which is the right spelling?- we happen to live in a democracy, because there are still people who work and don’t live in London and cannot go about strolling per London every two days for the rally, they have to work or they live in a small village in the mountain of Scotland and they just can’t stroll around shouting all the time and in a democracy, the vote of these people counts just as much as the vote of a londoner in perpetual rally-holiday, so what counts is the result of regular democratic elections and referendums: we want order and the law about immigration and possibly also the law about rape must be obeyed. The illegal immigrants must be deported even if they’re black and the BlackLivesMatter must not be put at the level of changing a democratic result with a silly rally. Black people must respect the law too, if they are illegal immigrants they must be deported and stop.

What the BlackLivesMatter want is the Rotherham solution, that the asians who break the law don’t get prosecuted or arrested because they the leftists make a fuss about racist police.

Don’t be shy about it, be tough: the immigration law, drugs law and rape laws must be respected by everyone, as for wolf whistling that’s not sexual hate crime, the real crime is to give condoms to thirteen year old kids who should, and must be pushed to remain virgin at least till sixteen, and btw the paedophile part of the establishment must be eliminated. We don’t want open borders and we won. The people who are paid to organize these rallies must be prosecuted and the jobgiver, the billionaires who pay them to overturn the institutions and the state, usually Soros, I’m not joking he uses his money like this, must be prosecuted too. In any case Democracy is not a rallicracy, nor an NGOcracy, otherwise people who work and don’t live in London or in a big town would have less power than the emptytime londoners.

As for the EU, here’s the last: after breaking the Dublin Treaty they want to impose the immigration compact, that’s the repartition of the immigrants and refugees under the order of the Commission, but this law is contradicted by the Dublin Treaty, if the EU were a serious thing we would say it’s “unconstitutional” so we have a Commission that breaks the Treaties and passes laws that don’t match the Treaty about immigration, but wants to “sanction” the States that don’t accept the anti-Dublin Treaty law… I mean it’s about time to close it, Prof. Patrick Mindford said it clearly and this is the reason: “to save us time and money”. What do you have to do with an institution that does laws against its own treaties? Save time and money. The EU is a sham. I’m not joking, no serious, capable person would rely on it. The EU commissioners like the BlackLivesMatter or the various leftists don’t really believe in the rule of Law, no freemason really does. But without the rule of law there’s no State, there’s a jungle, a real one. The romans who build “the” empire said: “Dura Lex sed Lex” “It’s a hard law, but it’s a law”. Decide if you want to live in a jungle or if you want the – ancient-roman based- western civilization. And I add that I’m against any amnesty for illegals because this thing of the massive millions of refugee crisis is a never again. It must never ever happen again. To give them the amnesty it would be like those people who build illegally a balcon or a terrace or an entire house and then expect the State to condone it, this has ruined the italian coasts and beautiful towns, you must not condone it, only if they pay with the demolition and consequent loss of the money the trend of illegal houses stops.

I want to add that it is necessary that we act strongly against the leftists and the masons because basically it’s they who convince people that breaking the immigration law is nothing “wrong” or that it is wrong that an immigration law exists, these people, mainly white, expose the immigrants to the illegal journey and the fact that they “require” that they break the law and we or the governments condone it is even more dangerous and cannot be accepted on a philosophic base: the “activists” cannot, must not have such authority, even superior to the authority of police, government and democratic elections or referendums: they cannot tell people that if they break the law the State will condone it, they haven’t got the “authority” to do so. This is why now we must be tough and deport to Africa and Asia the illegal immigrants and please arrest the europeans or americans who incited to break the laws. They cannot get away with it, it’s too comfortable for them, they expose the black to the threat of the police, they induce them to lose the money for the illegal journey and then whistle around London. Or in their Manhattan flat like the Ayn Rand association people who led the illegals and even set up a call center to guide them around Europe explaining to them in arabic how to break the law. The call center was in Wien, but the bosses were in Manhattan, and yes Ayn Rand is again a jewish zionist association. I don’t like to say it, but I say it the same: they have declared a war against us.

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