BlackLivesMatter, Turkey that wants in the EU even if we don’t want them, no-borders and the big racist issue: We don’t want them and we don’t know how else to tell them.


BlackLivesMatter protest against the “racist” police wheras in the UK the police couldn’t protect little girls from asian rapists because of the leftists’ fuss about racism.

I am a woman and I was taught that if I don’t want a man I tell him “no” and shut him out of the door and this is normal. This racist issue has become like saying we have no more the right to say no. We don’t want mass immigration and we don’t want Turkey in the EU, we shut it down, we will shut it down but the government with the Turks, that would count more than we because they are more numerous, we don’t want it. We shut down the EU and we will, not to make it with the Turks!


We are maybe racist because other people are frustrated, they hang on us for everything, they want our benefits money, but don’t accept our rules. At this point I have a “revelation” for the Black Lives Matter: people look like their genetic parents, you make lot of fuss about it, but in reality you are black only because your genetic parents are black, I don’t see the point of blocking Heathrow. I can say I never wanted to be black, just as I didn’t want to have blue eyes, I believe you are high on something; it would have been better not to arrest Bill Cosby and let him do his charity to teach black people how to focus on their potential and be successful instead of leaving them in the hands of people who make them frustrated and ridiculous and anyway not welcome. I am sorry for the rape issue, but are we sure he really did all those rapes? His charity idea not to teach black people to feel frustrated, and he was successful, I also watched the Robinson and the Jefferson, I mean, it was definitely a good idea.

As for Turkey, we shut down the EU but we don’t want you. Stop. We don’t want you I don’t know how else to tell you. I don’t mean to be rude, but when a man insists wanting to enter your home and you don’t like him either he stops or you call the police.

We italians are in a weird situation, it’s not that we are going to Africa, taking people as slaves and bringing them to Italy to exploit them in the cotton fields; it’s the reverse: they come as illegal immigrants and we are doing nothing, if not that we are already racist for the fact that we’ve been existing in Italy before them, whereas it’s they who’ve come as clandestine we hadn’t done anything.

As for Britain, not only the Police didn’t shoot any black protester, on the contrary the UK police couldn’t protect little girls from asian rapists, organized gang of recidivists, not casual rapists, because of the leftists’s undignified fuss about supposed racism in the police. The same goes on in Sweden. Do you know what? Stay in Africa if you don’t like white people, we didn’t take you forcefully and bring you to Europe and you know it, you wanted to come and you knew people were white, and also the jews, no one asked you to leave Zion and come over here.

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