So you learn not voting UKIP or Front National: segregated classes at the public swimming and a priest dragged out of a church by Police. List of the people to vote to restore the situation.

People must repent not to have voted UKIP or BNP when there was Nick Griffin in Britain. or Britain First for that and of not having voted Front National in France, just two copy and paste and then my comment:

Anger as women BANNED from men-only swimming sessions for ‘CULTURAL REASONS’

BOSSES at a taxpayer-funded community swimming pool have sparked fury by hosting men and women-only sessions – for “cultural reasons”.

Gender-segregated time slots, advertised as ‘Alhamdulliahswimming’ on Facebook, will be offered on Friday evenings at the Inspire Sports Village in Stopsley, Luton, Bedfordshire, which was built using Olympics cash.

The move, which benefits the town’s large Asian population, will give men exclusive access to the larger 50 metre competitive pool, while women will have to use the smaller 20 metre community pool.

One outraged female swimmer, who did not wish to be named, said: “The Friday night session for everyone is now closed because of the listed men-only sessions.


‘France, 2016’ Le Pen’s fury as riot police DRAG Christians out of church

THE niece of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has expressed her anger at shocking pictures of a Catholic priest being dragged out of a church – by riot police.

 Marion Le Pen simply wrote “France, 2016 #SainteRita” alongside the image of the priest who refused to leave the mass he was holding in protest against the demolition of local church Sainte Rita. 

The angry protests come just a day after Father Jacques Hamel, who had his throat slit by two depraved Islamic State fighters, was laid to rest in Rouen Cathedral on Tuesday.

Thousands of mourners turned out to pay respect to the elderly priest, who was murdered by jihadists as he delivered mass in a church in St Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy.

Social media users took to Twitter to express their shock at the protesting priest being dragged out of Sainte Rita, which is due to be demolished and turned into a car park.


The mayor of Paris is a socialist daughter of a spanish communist, Anne Hidalgo.

My comment: Go on voting for the Socialists and Tory and Labour, the parties that Lord Rothchild tells you they are not bad, while Farage and Marine LePen would save you and will save you like the Sweden Democrats in Sweden, if you allow them.

The mayor of Paris is a communist bitch, Marion LePen is a good girl. Choose well.

She is a good girl, Marion Marechal-LePen while her grand dad Jean-Marie just didn’t want to bow down to the israeli holocaust money machine. If you allow them, they will save France, but together with you, you must put your little effort backing them, defending them in the debates and supporting them. Give France and Christianity a hope.

Or here’s the alternative

Anne Hidalgo of the socialist party who wants to pull down churches and being an atheist prefers to build mosques, and Hollande who defended you the way you could see in 18 months 4 terror attacks, more than in Tunisia…

And obviously UKIP or anyway new Arron Banks’s Party he has still to found, but with Banks and Farage and also Woolfe it should be good, even in extreme cases Britain First because the refugee crisis is making things extreme, but Farage, Banks and UKIP I’d prefer it. Never a pro-immigration Party. They must be kind, but we’ve got the feeling the system is collapsing like those websites that crash down for excess of application, so don’t worry as extreme una tantum solution if Farage and Banks don’t come back with a new Party or recover UKIP, also Britain First is acceptable.


I prefer Banks, Farage and Woolfe, but if they end up like the BNP, self destructing, the Britons must have a way out from the system-collapse. Just like we italians and all the others.

Last but not least the Sweden Democrats, because Sweden is already in dire straits and it would be about time the Centrist Party, both in Sweden and Austria accepted to form a strong Centre-Right coalition like in Denmark, anyway, for maximum security vote Right, because sometimes the centrists play too much the prickly while the country is being invaded by the treacherous activity of the reds.


Trump in the USA and we’ve done it.


Trump for USA President.

And finally with this win win dream team we obtain two mega good things:

  1. No mass immigration anymore and the repatriation of the illegals and of the undesirable, while winning everywhere no one criticizes or calls fascists the others, and international relationships become much easier and smooth.
  2. No war with Putin, clarity about not invading Poland, but Crimea Putin can keep it in virtue of the Referendum whose result, due to the ethnic composition of crimean inhabitants that are majority russian we have no real reason to doubt.
  3. Putin

    Vladimir Putin, finally allied with the West, he’s a good christian too.

People may argue that some of the politicians named above are philo-israeli some others are philo-arab, and like JM LePen was accused of antisemitism etc. that’s not the point, because it is about time people realize we are on the verge of losing Europe and USA through imposed mass immigration so we must become euro-centric and atlantic-centric, we are not middle eastern people, we must not put Israel and the Middle East as priorities, in Israel we wouldn’t even have the right to nationality that’s  reserved to the jews, we must recover control of our own lands and build official christian countries back in the West. We know this culture works, it’s our culture, it does work, other cultures, like judaism without New Testament or Islam or Hinduism, they don’t work, or if they do, they work in a way we don’t like. Believe in yourself, believe in Christ.

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