Rothschild does want a NWO with Jerusalem – not London – as Capital and himself, not a Windsor, as King and they’re trying to destroy all the nations but Israel for this purpose.


Lord Jacob Rothschild

Another day another diary from Auschwitz, nevermind, I never said it is untrue, but it doesn’t change reality: that Lord Rothschild and his clan are betraying the Queen of England because they want to substitute themselves to the Britons for the new empire called NWO. Oh dear, the nazi! The jews are not doing this! Not all the jews, but Rothschild and his minions are.


I would like to know to whom Paul Dacre is loyal, whether to the Queen or to Lord Rothschild, because at the DM they are doing a little campaign to stop people denouncing that the masons under the control of Rothschild and who are zionists are doing the shift of empire: they try to substitute the hated British empire with themselves operating on two levels; the far right in Israel and the far Left in the rest of the world:

Because Rothschild is the owner and leader of all the lefty anti-nationalists, no-borders movement int he world and the financer of the blood-and-land state of Israel for himself and the other jews who never do proselytes not to mix their blood with the others.

What do they want? Try and guess, they want to crash down all the nations by crashing down national borders and pushing/pulling mass immigration until the nations must collapse mathematically – btw. Byron did nothing wrong, I am sorry for those people, but also the immigration laws must be respected – at the same time they have such animals as the israelis who cultivate the myth of their own superiority and kill around while using the holocaust to stir, or trying to stir, pity for themselves, they have no style, it’s the first time in history a people of soldiers and murders tries to stir pity for themselves, but that’s not the point, the point is that the same Rothschild clan that technically stirs far leftists in all countries but Israel and blood and land military culture, while actually prohibiting the left they support elsewhere, in his own – which is Israel not Britain, Britain he hates it – to obtain a situation of no nations but Israel and a New World Empire with Israel as a fortress, Jerusalem capital and himself as emperor. And the jews as a sort of new aristocracy to put at a superior level than you and me. This is what Rothschild is doing, Paul wake up. You’re not an idiot when you try. They’re obviously doing this. Still scared of Himmler? What do you want to obtain by refreshing stories about the holocaust? The payment for the holocaust is over. Ended. Go and dig the land if you want money. Don’t get me wrong: I do think the nazis were pervs. I am not a neo nazi they were horrible people, but I know that the Rothschild clan wants to obtain something out of it.

Who do you think there is behind the idiots leftists who want no-borders and claim Byron should cover up clandestine immigrants? But are stopped when they try to criticize Israel for “antisemitism”?

The baron is not sated with being a baron: he’s destroying Britain and does the double face, leftwing for the USA, France, Britain and co. and far right military-blood and land for his own little camp in the Middle East.

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