Go hard or go home. Either the European Leaders impose to the Commission, Renzi and Tsipras the total respect of Dublin or the Union as it is can be closed.


L. Lokke Rasmussen and K. Thulesen Dahl of the Centre-Right Wing danish Government.

We have Right Wing and Centre Right governments and european leaders in Denmark, Hungary, Poland and as for Austria, though the government is not Right Wing, they who like rules to be respected are sick to death of the immigration chaos; now it’s a go hard or go home situation. The Danes, the Poles, the Hungarians and the Austrians together with the other european leaders who don’t accept the chaotic, and done on purpose, mix of clandestine immigration, fake refugees and true refugees which is the present situation, must put on the table of the globalist masonic commission an Ultimatum:

either Renzi, Tsipras and Merkel respect entirely the Dublin Treaty or the EU as it has been till now will be closed and be only a market where everybody controls entirely his own piece of land, back to the rule “Everyone King in his castle” and if Juncker says “no free market without free movement” tell him “Then, no free market and we put checks on the goods too” it’s go hard or go home, because the globalists Juncker, Mogherini, Tsipras, Renzi and Merkel are trying to kill the states through this mass immigration planned chaos while even prohibiting to distinguish between war refugees and clandestine immigrants.

It is unacceptable that Frontex picks up migrants, it is unacceptable that Greece takes the immigrants from Kos and brings them to the main land, it is unacceptable that the leftists and the masons can go around telling people that to break the law about immigration is nothing wrong. I am totally in favour of conscientious objection, to the military, to abortion, also to an immigration law you don’t accept, but you can’t go round the world inciting people to break the law: the law about immigration is a law like another. We have the leftists, and I’m not talking about Medicine sans Frontiers activists, I’m talking about EU Commissioners and Prime Ministers, Renzi, Tsipras, Juncker, Avramopoulos, Mogherini who allow not to respect the laws they don’t like and even push for not respecting them from the places where they should do the opposite; this creates an unacceptable chaos; Renzi takes immigrants and if in Italy there were a right wing government there wouldn’t be any Frontex permitted, we cannot have the Dublin Treaty not respected anytime in Italy or Greece there is a lefty government.

It is unacceptable that western countries go on bombing Syria and Libya without Syria and Libya having done anything against us.

At this point it is only justifiable if Austria and Denmark go back doing like Switzerland: if you want to trade with me trade with me, but I don’t accept the willing and cold minded mix of war refugees and clandestine immigrants because the leftists of the other countries want to colonize mine and don’t respect the Treaties. Switzerland that doesn’t bomb any country to “liberate” them from the dictator and leave them with rebels who cut throats.

Add to that the banking crisis and the eurozone collapsing system…and try to guess who will go hard and who will go home?

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