The Bible must be studied as Religion, not as epic or fantasy. Post christian Europe is subjected to biblical maledictions also for this.


Bible, original text.

We used to live well in an almost perfect world, at least we in the West, apart from the personal problems, we were laic christians, saturday and sunday free, Christmas fests, no sharia patrols in our streets, but when we went to muslim countries on holiday, like Egypt or Tunisia, we were welcomed and respected, now people spit at us in the streets of our nations, or maybe, for now, just in Sweden. The atheist esoterist freemasons managed a coup that we must revert: first of all both in Sweden and Italy remove the Bible from the books of Epic and either study the Bible as Religion or give the weekend off to students so that christian families can have their kids studying it as Religion during catechism. Far from telling fantasies, I found out the Bible tells true things: everything the Bible says it causes God’s wrath, if you do it now, after four thousands years, it causes God’s wrath just the same; gay weddings, the gender anthropology and equiparating the God of Abraham to the greek gods or idols causes God’s wrath: destructions and invasion of the lands by foreigners, everybody can see that this is precisely what’s happening to Europe ever since we pushed gay couples rights, not the individual freedom of gay people, but the rights as a couple, the gender and ever since the Holy Bible was put in the school in the same pot as the books of epic sagas. This latest particular is a grave infraction of the first Commandement where God prohibits to equiparate Him to the greek gods, pagan idols and demons, He even says “I prefer not to be worshipped at all than to be put together with the idols”. Now it’s about time we christians re-take control of Europe, we don’t care whether the marxists, atheists and esoterists belive it or not; remove the Bible from the list of epic/fantasy books and give It another place as Religion. And remove gay weddings rights. Or the leftists can go and live somewhere else in the piggery they have created and we can live in a normal christian western society.

I wrote this also in italian, maybe I wrote it better. 


And the Germans are probably paying the fact that they didn’t forgive and condone the Greek debt, so God is making them pay their own sins 100% as Jesus Christ said.

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