PETER HITCHENS: A British Trump… the catastrophe Theresa May could inflict on us all | Daily Mail Online

You haven’t got any british Trump and this is no good news, ’cause you, as posh as you are, may need him desperately or disappear as a cultural and national entity. In no western country right wing politicians, real right wing no liberal Tories, are treated the way they get treated in the UK. Nick Griffin had to leave the country, Farage got almost killed in a plane accident… BNP card-owners had to resign from office in the Police or Art even if they hadn’t broken any law…Be careful, you’ll want Trump and you only risk you won’t find any not even if you are disposed to clasp your nose and vote him. Not even if Her Majesty the Queen wishes it. The globalist establishment Trump fights, the way he can and the way he knows, are extremists: they want no-borders, which means the end of nations and they want it really, they play no game…and look at Theresa May …how is she ducking the issue and taking time and time and time. And how she was put there without any real merit other than having been a remainer. Why do you think the no-border establishment was so keen on putting her there? To shut the border? you little fascists who want no more immigrants, you are the real enemy! This is what the pervs – because this is what they are – of the Left say. I’d vote Trump and I beg your pardon, I may be rude, but I’m not an idiot, I’m not that posh after all, a little bit of Trump for a nation can be healthy at times. If God gives you the possibility to choose. If you despise too much, He, the Almighty might not give you any and you remain with your poshness, open borders, as Lord Rothschild the founder of Israel tells you to keep, while he and the other Jews in Israel are institutionally racist, and unchecked wild immigrants around who’ll destroy you while you laugh at the rude americans. They’re so stupid the americans, aren’t they? They vote Trump instead of wanting no-borders like the clever ones of London who are so sophisticated…

May cannot outfox the angry people who have demanded something and still hope and intend to get it. And if she tries, she will risk the appearance of a British Trump, a disaster for all of us.

Source: PETER HITCHENS: A British Trump… the catastrophe Theresa May could inflict on us all | Daily Mail Online

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