Dear Stephen Pollard of the Telegraph so concerned about anti-semitism online, in the last 20 years were there more jews, more christians or more muslims killed? Answer: more muslims.

In Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria there have been literally millions of muslims killed by good christian soldiers and jews, nonetheless any time a honest person raises questions about the legality or legitimacy of all these killings and bombings to “fight terror” they’re suddenly accused of something. Being a traitor, antisemitism etc. The six millions of the Holocaust, the Israelis and sometimes also some jewish associations, they treat them as if they were a cheque to kill other six millions people before having to respond for those murders, no matter even if the victims were innocents “I did it for Israel, there was the holocaust, no one can tell me anything” that’s the mood. Everybody knows I am against mass immigration and I don’t wish the islamification of Europe, but it doesn’t mean I justify immoral killings of muslims around the world and in their own countries by crazy neocon americans or britons or french or israelis. Everybody knows you don’t defend the world from terrorism by bombing, terrorism can be defeated by arrests in your own countries, jail or eventual deportations; bombing the countryfellows of the ancestors of the terrorists when they are in their own home towns is evil beyond reach and it’s a damn habit that must be stopped.

As for the Holocaust, the jews are more hated ever since they wanted the opinion crime: jail for the holocaust deniers, while in the eighties we had full freedom of speech, David Irving could say what he liked and everybody agrees that there was much less antisemitism than there is now; now it’s like “the jews send you to jail if you contradict them” and you probably hate them really. The holocaust. Why don’t they ask Rothschild and Kuhn and Loeb descendants on why their ancestors, jewish masons and zionists financed Hitler, who was near penniless? because the holocaust was used to traumatize the european middle class jews, the real rich ones weren’t touched, to force them to colonize Israel; it worked pretty much like this:

In 1917 finally Lord Balfour sends Lord Rothschild the letter of approval of the establishment the famous jewish home for the Jews in Palestine, for the ones who say “there was no Palestine” well, Lord Balfour calls it Palestine whatever it was;

European and american jews, with the exception of some religionists who wanted to live in Jerusalem, didn’t possibly want to move there because the real level of antisemitism in wasn’t possibly so high to force doctors and professors or entrepreneurs to move from Rome or Trieste or Wien to go and dig the land in a country to build and full of muslims around to deal with telling them “please, go away, Balfour told us we can stay here”.

Then came Hitler; the fierce antisemite who could really kill the jews for a particularly strong and true hatred towards the them who, in Germany, in reality were quite well settled; Hitler was less than middle class, he was no Trump or Berlusconi he couldn’t possibly build with his own money a nation-wide party; the banks financed his wicked project, it is reported of an indirect financement by Kuhn Loeb & Co. that gave the money to the Rockefeller foundation which handed it to the cruel jews hater.

It is therefore clear that the jewish masons in control of that bank, under the supervision of the super-zionist Rothschild wanted to traumatize the european jews to make it impossible for them, if they survived, not to be scared of remaining in Europe, even like this, it is history that in some cases, since the Jews preferred going to the USA they had to be flown per direct flight to Israel for the fear that at the international airport of change they would switch flight and go to the preferred USA.

It’s all true, Hitler was cruel and really the SS took drugs to be even more pitiless, if it can console you I am far from being a holocaust denier, even though six millions seems a very high number for the thirties, but maybe that’s not even the real point, I heard italian aristocrats who met Hitler saying he was a monstrous person, even Mussolini, who was Mussolini and received his nice part of financement always by this Kuhn Loeb & Co. 1 million lire when the “fascio” was about to close for debts, well Mussolini used to call Hitler “La belva umana” which means “the human beast” and this is italian history, then for me it’s more than necessary the document of the racial laws against the italian jews signed by the then King of Italy so, we are not really discussing whether it happened or not, we are saying that Kuhn Loeb & Co. really financed Hitler and Mussolini, and the jews who do the holocaust’s memory defenders against the likes of Irving and even wanted the opinion crime, which is a shame and must be re-abolished, they never ask a question to those masons who financed the beast, who without their money, would have remained a jews hater locked in a german pub saying bad things about the jews but wouldn’t have been able to do anything more than a personal quarrel with a couple of Jews in his home town. Not one question. Because they don’t like the answer and the answer was given by a rabbi who once said the state of Israel is not a really a jewish state  it only pretends to be such for reasons I don’t go into details and have to do very much with religion, but there is one sign that those rabbis are not out of their senses, now there are chandeliers everywhere there are jews,  but on the terrace of the israeli supreme court, on the terrace of the Sup court there is this:SupCort

The perfored pyramid, far from being a real jewish symbol it is a symbol of esoteric freemasonry that is related to the cult of Horus totally incompatible with the worship of the God of Abraham.

So  we have a “jewish” elite, the bankers, who are not really jewish in their religion and in fact support newpaganism, LGBT rights etc. through the marxist agenda, and they are responsible for the 80% of the hate against the Jews, though they don’t practice real Judaism themselves, they wanted a “jewish state”, but, for maximum honesty, with the symbol of egyptoid freemasonry which is their real religion, on top of it. Many masons in Italy they do take orders from superior level masons in Israel. Israel was meant more as a sort of fortress for the jewish egyptoid masons than a real jewish state. All this is supposed to stay hidden, but nowadays there’s no real occult: we live in a world that’s like a theater of glass and we can perfectly see the backstage, so we laugh when people come on stage and play the part. The nineteenth century, when things were really secret and occult, is over and even they must realize it.

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