Killary idiotically wants a war against Assad and therefore Putin, I am almost keen on seeing all this end.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Nat'l Ass'n Of Latino Elected And Appointed Officials

Hillary Clinton

Killary Clinton is an idiot, she brags literally about making a war against Assad, legitimate President of Syria: she is no one to decide a regime change in Syria, it goes without saying Killary wants just a Gaddafi bis, kill off the syrian State brutally murdering Assad, the way she, Sarko and Cameron brutally let Gaddafi being murdered, they who “laughed” at Berlusconi, the only one who didn’t want Gaddafi to be removed and for us italians it would have been much better, there wouldn’t be any invasion from Africa and still a fully controlled State in Libya, but no, Killary wants to kill, again and again, she wants the regime end in Syria, because it wouldn’t be a regime-change you know, it would be regime-end the same as in Libya, why do I know it? Because the israeli think tank called Kivunim drafted a plan called “Kivunim Project” to destroy all arab countries around Israel so “to keep Israel safe”, they even wrote that, always to keep Israel safe from potential enemies (potential enemy is everybody, we europeans and americans included for us they have the invasion / refugee crisis led by the jewish freemasonry) well, according to their think tank to keep little Israel safe all arab nations should be deprived, per killing, of the 30% of the male population of military age because they found out that when the thirty per cent of the male population of military age dies a country cannot win a war, I’m not joking, as cruel as it sounds the israelis and their theologicians and kivunim strategists have become worse than the monsters in the movies, not even in a Disney cartoon the bad one talks like an israeli military strategist, and again everybody in the know of the israeli things knows it, and Killary goes, with the money of the AIPAC, the official jewish-israeli lobby – then they complain about the rise in antisemitism -. I would vote Trump, but sometimes I would like to see all this end, all these lies on behalf of Israel disgust me, the hunt to Jeremy Corbyn disgusts me, sometimes I would like Putin to kill them all and to bomb Tel Aviv, I believe to found Israel was a crime against humanity: they are monstrous, they did nine/eleven and the americans know it but pretend to believe the israeli lies, also the Britons know it, once Francesco Cossiga said “everybody knows it, 9/11 was done by the Mossad and the CIA (full of neocons and people loyal to Israel instead of the USA, not only jews, like Killary who’s satanic-protestant ) to put the blame on the arabs and start the wars- of destruction not of regime change because the Kivunim plan doesn’t want any regime change, it wants the destruction of the State, read it if you don’t believe me- against the arab nations”. All these lies are sickening, the Britons have become almost slaves of their poor jewish ex-protegées, Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a slave of theirs and some of the jews are on his side, and maybe he’ll manage to block another war in the Middle East against Assad, if not, they’ll be bombed by Putin, I hope Italy doesn’t get into this. Let Assad in peace. It would be about time, as Udo Voigt of the nationalist democratic Party of Germany NPD said, that the right wing parties of Europe and USA, UK included, stopped thinking they must be philo-israeli to show off their not anti-semitic or even, as the Tories, to show off they “protect the poor jews from antisemitism”, because I’m afraid we’re much much beyond this.

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