While blocking the investments to boost the economy of the member States the EU uses the money of the budget for taking more immigrants; € 2,2 million for more search and rescue operations.


While scandalously prohibiting to the member States the investments to boost the economy the EU pays for more search and rescue of immigrants. The only solution is to exit.

Not sated with the actual numbers of immigrants the EU according to no treaty and completely arbitrarily gives 2,2 million of the budget money not to save Italy, Spain, Greece etc. from the deadly economic catastrophe they are facing or to re-structure the eurozone to make it work, but to pay for more ships to do the search and rescue operations that means to take more immigrants in the Med link, then, once they are landed to Europe leaves the states also with the economic burden to have to pay for these immigrants and the masons in the juries will want to block the deportation of the illegals: actually it uses our own money to finance the self-invasion of Europe, while prohibiting the investments that would boost the economy and modernize the countries: to Spain it has just prohibited to build a high speed railway that would be good for spanish transports and therefore for the economy and it would indeed modernize the country, because this would be “state aid”. Be careful, like this Europe will become a third world country, which is the true aim of hated freemasonry, it blocks investments that would boost the economy and pays for human smuggling that fills Europe with african unemployed until collapse: they are wicked.

May I say that, if it is true that behind this there are the israeli masons: Rothschild, DeBenedetti, Soros, our antisemitism and antizionism is totally justified? Who gave the orders to spend the EU budget money for more search and rescue operations in the Med and transport of immigrants to Europe? And why the investments are prohibited?

The same questions as for the scandal at the IMF must be asked and answered: who the hell took this decision? Name and position at the EU, please; and when and where? in which occasion or meeting was this anti-european decision taken? We don’t pay for our self invasion after being impeded to spend our money for investments, this is out of the question. What will we do with all these people around and while all the member states are becoming indebted and without having invested, moreover?

I believe the israelis want Europe to become a third world country just like they want the arab nations to be destroyed. We must do our own real interests.

It is necessary the full Brexit, so that Britain does not participate, not even with one penny, to this invasion-budget, and that everywhere possible right wing parties win and restore normality.

Theresa May is delaying/blocking Brexit: either the hard brexiteers force her to brexit now and in full or they must oust her.

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