I opened back the comment board ’cause I knew of the change in Article 50 by a comment on Express.co.uk. Unbelievable.

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Paola Editor

Unbelievable. We knew of the change in Article 50 that gives the EU a veto for a member State exit and that comes into force from March 31 2017 next year, less than 9 months from now, not by the BBC or a big newspaper, but by a comment on an article on the Express.co.uk and consequently on a blog by a free wordpress blogger. At which private, secret dinner did Cameron sign this? Who’s in charge of changing EU rules? Why they always hide? For the TTIP, for the treaties and so on? always secretly and in a hotel signing things on our behalf and without telling us. It is utterly disgusting. Therefore, I decided to open back the comment board of this blog even though the readers have never commented very much so far and sometimes I had the impression they ended up in parts of the system I didn’t know it was there to queue the comments. I am fed up.

So, are we supposed to go on like this? Is this the european new normal? No democracy, rules changed in secrecy, television and part of the press distracting people with the wrong pieces of information or zero information and then one day they tell you: “you can’t exit the European Union”.

And we have to go on Internet, good for us to do so, and read the articles and also the comments to find vital information, vital, on the comment board.

It’s impressive. I want to know two things:

Who signed the new article 50 rules.

And when, in which occasion.

These people must respond to us, The EU and all its supporters are simply, in one word, repugnant. Television is repugnant. Not only it does not give the true pieces of information, it hides them willingly and divert the attention on something else while the conspiracists change undemocratically the rules of our lives. Then it must be true what the saints and the prophets said, don’t watch tv, it damages people and it’s a wide loss of time: they lie and hide. Television gives the wrong pieces of information and hides the important ones. Probably ISIL as such doesn’t even exist and there’s no “headquarter of ISIL in Raqqa” and I am not joking: they just want to bomb Syria; Marine and Marion LePen are good girls, Christian Strache is a patriot; I knew it, but now I am certain.

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