Why the Daily Mail is so disgusting: they support human trafficking by asking Britain to take more “refugee children”, support the lie that to exit the EU is difficult, support transgenderism.


Say what you like but Frontex and the EU help this.

War on Russia, human trafficking, children kidnapping and transgenderism, all the dirty Illuminati agenda is supported by Paul Dacre and the Daily Mail; they evoke the “human rights” like precisely the EU officials they pretend to disagree with, supported even preventative mastectomy and ovaries removal knowing it is devastating for healthy women and promote Caitlyn Jenner and the transculture at school, they are Illuminati obviously, who pretend sometimes to be right wing just to attract the readers.


All the fuss about “refugee children” is disgusting because the children are well into their late teens and once they’re in Britain they can function as an anchor to bring to Britain legally the enlarged family, so actually to take refugee “children” alone from France or other european countries means that the parents in Africa will sell their children to the traffickers, insinuate them in the UK and then come out finally as parents, sisters, relatives to move “legally” to Europe at european expenses, in Africa and Asia they must know that if they leave the children cross illegally the border they’ll never make it to Europe, moreover the children are grown ups because they have once in the UK function as an agency to bring the others to Europe knowingly, so they can’t be really children unaware of it: they are youngsters. All freemasonry is up in arms to invade Europe with africans and asians and the EU and NGOs are paid to do so. Leave them without success and tell the africans that they cannot use minors as an anchor; all these human rightists have created and promoted the human trafficking, kidnapping industry, I believe they are criminals, never help the criminals.

The Daily Mail is disgusting, now after doing the Brexit they’re helping Theresa May in her attempt to boycott it, whereas it is clear the Brexit can be very simple, I said a couple on months are necessary, John Redwood said just a couple of weeks, and he knows what he’s talking about: he should be Chancellor not Hammond  read this

The Lords EU committee must be full of friends of Jimmy Savile’s. They must stop giving the possibility of using children, when they really are children, as an anchor for more family members getting into the UK.

All this Frontex has already created a situation of hell in Northern Africa, in Libya the gangs that help the trafficking, anyway led by members of the European and American freemasonry and white leftists of whom the african traffickers are no more than employees, have already caused a situation of rapes and selling humans for the traffic of organs, yes the only way to make them stop is to suspend Frontex and make the few succesful journeys turning into a loss of money and unsuccessful, turn them back to Africa and Asia. By the way, I consider the UN a criminal association, they know perfectly Frontex creates the traffic and that a certain number of people will, I say will not may, lose their lives and be gang raped or killed to remove organs that are sold, a flourishing industry in Northern Africa ever since Frontex has generated the invasion of Northern Africa by central african people who park themselves there, and they accept it because their aim is the Kalergy Plan: filling Europe with black people to generate the egyptian race with freemasonry in their dreams become official religion. This is it, you Daily Mail and Lords EU committee disgust me. They lie as if we were stupid, but we are not. In Libya a lot of people hate Frontex, don’t hate Right wingers. Frontex has generated and fuelled the riches of the smuggling-mafia on the libyan coasts. Northern african countries should sue the EU for what they did with Frontex, it has destroyed the North of Africa and now they are invaded by central africans and have pieces of coast controlled by the smuggling mafia gangs which are flourishing thanks to the EU agency that picks them up right in front of the libyan coast. Frontex is clearly a part of the traffic and makes the human trafficking succesful, it is guilty 100%; the leftists disgust me: they are mafiosi who talk about human rights. And don’t be fooled, even Medicines sans frontiers – sans frontiers, sic, which means “without borders” again – they do it for the money, they are all paid a full wage. This is just displacement of people, 98% of the people come – or better brought by Frontex – are not refugees but the italian lefty judges prevent again the deportation, freemasons when they look at themselves in the mirror they must feel like vomiting, I’d rather be a blogger and honest than become a Prime Minister and a mason. 98%. Frontex is human trafficking 100%. The EU agency. Exit the EU, arrest the judges who are masons, do a democratic revolution and stop this.

Can you imagine if, when the leftists die, God sends them to hell for all this? Renzi, Merkel and all the doctors without borders and NGOs members who think they’re good…

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