EU wants to keep the door open to “refugees” but to tighten the rules for europeans to have a gun… Give me back a Right wing nation.


Europe is unsafe for the unchecked floods of immigrants/refugees but the EU wants to control us europeans.

“The chief EU spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, said the bloc continues to keep the door open for people seeking asylum from war and persecution, but that Europeans must also defend themselves against attacks on their way of life.”

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“If adopted, the EU Commission’s package of proposals will ‘make it more difficult to acquire firearms in the European Union, allow to better track legally held firearms and strengthen the cooperation between all member states,’ EU spokesman Ricardo Cardoso said.”

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Actually their enemy is not the “refugees” and middle eastern or african muslim thugs they are letting in – unchecked, remember this little detail, they don’t want to check them before letting them in- who did riots and attacks, no, their problem is we. God, please set us free of this jewish/masonic/treacherous institution, I want a right wing christian nation where to live. Now, I don’t care about the jews and the muslims and the holocaust and the other minorities. Shut.TheEU.Down. And shut the border.

I want a nation with a hawk and a golden cross on the flag, officially christian in the Constitution, and if the “others”, beginning with the jews, don’t like it they can fuck off to Israel or the Middle East. I’m sorry for the palestinians but the jewish masons are the ones who drag the other minorities in. We cannot stand them anymore.

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