I feel nauseated at the british press. After being the most puritan country till yesterday, now they pretend to feel “shocked” if someone tells them they’re against transgernderism and gay adoptions.


I don’t know till which point I can go on writing on this website, and not because the Illuminati threaten me, they don’t do anything against me if they even care, but to write about actuality I have to read the press and it’s starting getting difficult: I feel nauseated. I am disgusted, so disgusted that I am going to read some basic, nude newsfeed to know what’s happening really in the world, but I don’t want to endure the built up mix news and opinion of the british press.

Honestly, a country with an official church and that was the most prickly puritan in the world till yesterday, Britain, now they tell their kids they’re neither male nor female at school, allow transgenderism under age and call everybody bigot; it’s disgusting, they pretend to feel “shocked” and they know they’re lying, if someone tells them they’re against gay weddings and transgender culture, they do the oh my dear face they used to do, always fake anyway, till a couple of years ago for adultery. Always keeping their useful/useless official church around, where they “feel guilty” they can’t do anything else probably than feeling guilty, it’s their job to teach people how and what for feeling fucking guilty, but now they “feel guilty” for the homosexuals, their new idols and the refugees/immigrants, why should I endure reading this? I don’t feel guilty. I am one of those privileged ones who don’t feel guilty easily and certainly not on command by a gay frustrated careerist priest or pastor or even worse by Netanyahu’s israeli lobby.

Dear Readers, what the Illuminati couldn’t do, shutting down this website, nausea maybe will. Reading the press to have material to write, makes me vomit.

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