The Israeli Freemasonry wants to criminalize two types of people: the Muslims and the Right Wingers; don’t fall into the trap.


The Munich shooter; he cried Allah Akbar and I’m a German f*****g foreigners; maybe or maybe not.

Israel has got two enemies: the muslims and the right wingers of the other countries, this is why the jewish-masonic part of the establishment is trying to demonize these two categories; these shooters talk too much: Allah Akbar, I’m a German, Britain First…You Idiot? It’s enough if they don’t shout “I vote Farage”. It’s all freemasonry false flags or a patsy used in their opinion to justify:


  1. Invasion, bombing and cruelties against muslim countries, when the shooter cries Allah Akbar;
  2. Censorship of right wing patriotic anti-immigration movements, when the shooter cries some right wing slogan.

This happens because Israel and the masons want two things:

1) To go on filling our countries with muslim immigrants until there is chaos and we don’t control them anymore and if Right wing parties win this mass immigration would come to an end and it must come to an end indeed;

2) To bomb Middle Eastern countries because the “headquarter of ISIS” allegedly is there.

Bomb Tel Aviv instead, the headquarter of ISIS is probably there, really. And start arrest the masons inside the institutions who let all these wild things happen and do the cover up, as in France.

Keep calm and vote against the masons. Right.

And do not justify any bombing or aggression to Middle Eastern countries; in the end we and the muslims are both object of a smearing campaign, we want Europe and the West for us, but with the honest muslims we can be friends and have good relationships. In any case, we want to control our territory and to have only safe, controlled and selective migration to keep the nations, we don’t want to kill them or to bomb their countries and this must be clear.

The israelis and their masons-minions setting up these false flags to, in their opinion, justify their wars against other Middle Eastern countries, and it’s not my fault if their supposed promised land is a middle eastern country, it’s not my promised land I want to be left alone, well, they are buffoons and since they’re scared all their “muslim” attacks may favour the Right, now they alternate a muslim and a right wing attack. Buffoons and clowns should work in circuses, not in the Police or for the State.

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