Scandal: Hollande near the empeachment, Mayor of Nice denounces the President asked him to cancel all the cctv footage of the Terror Attack. All the press against the french President.


François Hollande

All the french press and italian websites, but this scandal is expected to widen all across the globe, is against Hollande, the Mayor of Nice Christian Estrorsi denounces the President and the police for having asked him a very illegal thing under the french law: to cancel, destroy the footage of the Nice cctv cameras that recorded the attack on the 14th of July, all the 24 hours, Christian Estrorsi  refused, also Libération against Hollande, le Figaro, both mainstream and alternative media. The French are scared of being sacrificed by the rotten part of the establishment. Remember that also when Diana was killed in Paris, strangely the cctv cameras were turned the other way round, towards the exit and not towards the entrance of the Tunnel, and moreover for only that night, so they couldn’t film the incident.

The french police and establishment seem too inclined to big murders and cover ups, now even the same police and the President of the Republic ask to destroy the evidences. More to come.

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