Our Lady and St. Pius allegedly said: “Television is in the hands of the devil” and even “If you watch television, you can never make it”.

The beautiful Mary allegedly said to a prophetess in that place of Medjugorje, if you believe it or not, I do report it because it is very interesting: “Don’t watch television, if you watch television you can never make it” and another Saint, the famous St. Pius of Pietrelcina, quite the same in the fifties: “television will fall into the hands of the devil”, this is certain because St. Pius in the fifties was well and alive.

Basically I believe it. I believe it because I tested it is true: if you watch television you can never make it.


Jimmie Akesson – Sweden Democrats

Politically, let’s analyse what’s happening, television manipulates so much the news that in Sweden a country that has seen in real life a rise in the rape crimes up to 1.400% in the last twenty years, ever since the socialists  opened the doors to mass uncontrolled immigration from muslim countries, that you would expect, suddenly, after the first socialist government, the swedes would jump voting whatever politician they could find on the right. Basically their reaction should have been:”keep your migrants for yourselves, I want to be safe, these immigrants treat women just like they do in their home countries, like s*** and like objects, I don’t want to end up like pakistani women, I’m sorry for them, but the risk is too high” and the Sweden Democrats should have won with 60% of the votes, but not now, already 15 years ago after the first impact with this different culture. It wasn’t the Swedes’s fault, after all, the rapes were really perpetrated 74% by muslim new immigrants, gone crazy at the view of free girls around, just come from Pakistan and Afghanistan where women go round like this, totally covered in a burqa, and the rest was overwhelmingly perpetrated by swedish citizen of muslim background, that’s the truth in the numbers. But the Swedes went on voting the unvotable socialists, until now, they seem stoned, like people on a strange drug, they seem that they don’t reason. The strange drug probably is television, that denies the truth about the situation in the muslim enclaves and overstates the inexistent benefits of mass immigration and criminalizes the right wingers, the fake world of television has prevailed over the real world, it’s time to give up, the Virgin Mary allegedly said: “you cannot make it” “if you watch television” this means the power almost of hypnotizing people of creating a mental world where things are the opposite than in reality, like the gays are all good, the muslims are all good, Jimmi Akesson – a national hero probably – is a nazi etc.  And people “cannot make it” to make it they, we, must give up totally watching television, don’t have it at home, stop, total log out, in the end if you want news you’ve got much more on the Internet, not to mention movies and music, you’ve got more and superior quality of both and basically no brainwashing because you can jump from a site to another where the infinite possibilities are offered, not just 5 pieces of information, five, repeated day and night and one only opinion, the lefty one, given.

Technically in Italy we do know that the president of the RAI the state owned television was chosen at the Bilderberg where she was invited before being named, when they invite you at the Bilderberg you probably must have “already” sworn fidelity to them or they wouldn’t let you in, just like they are made swear that they don’t reveal what they see and what they say – like a sect -, even though nowadays we have plenty of photographs of these people entering and exiting the chosen hotel. Freemasonry is the Bilderberg “for the poor” the inferior level, but it works just the same with oath of allegiance and of silence. They do promote gay weddings, sodomy, abortion, late term abortion – when the baby is 6 months old and this is homicide beyond doubt, and a cruel one – gay adoption, mass immigration, denial of the differences between Islam and Christianity, open-borders and so on. Yes, I believe that the tv is “fallen” into the hands of the devil and there’s no prophecy that says it will be recovered. Just give up completely watching it, don’t you have it at home and vote right.

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