Israel is not a western country. Beside few politicians who have lived twenty plus years in the USA or Europe, the core society has nothing similar to the West.

I believe we must be clear about reality: Israel is not a western country, there are only a few politicians who lived twenty or even forty years in the real West, USA and or Europe and Australia, the christian greek-roman-celtic-germanic society, that they envy and detest, and they still look westerner. Stop. The rest of society, the core of the society, the inborn society is simply, totally, different.

They speak a language that sounds definitely like arabic, and it is written with another alphabet than ours, it looks like arabic with square angles instead of round, for them it’s a sin to eat pork as it is for the arabs,

Israel the Jews who haven’t had contacts with western christians look horrible and utter nonsense about jewish superiority and God telling them to kill the Amalekites, not finding proper Amalekites, they kill the Palestinians around them, deny any connection between the State of Israel and the Balfour Declaration unless strictly useful for themselves, therefore they don’t recognize to the Palestinians the right to any territory or equal civil rights as stated in the Balfour Declaration, these jews wear strange clothes and have a very strange typical haircut, the others seem to think just the same, but to lie better to the westerners;  about this, the real importance of the Balfour Declaration and the rights of the “arab population”, the Britons, and the Americans, must state clearly which is their position, because in reality, without the support of the UK and USA Israel would be swept away and the arab population is in fact not treated equally than the jewish population, by law, there are different laws for jews and muslims, for the same crime the muslims are given greater punishments or even capital death that do not apply to the jews and has no real territories. The UK and USA must either admit they support this or sanction Israel and stop supporting it economically and military. The different laws and punishments for jews and muslims are special fu****g terror laws, but they state black ink on white paper “in the same situation it does not apply to a jew” which means that this is clearly not an “anti-terror” law ’cause it wouldn’t make sense not to aply it to a jewish terrorist who may want to put a bomb in the Knesset, or in the Twin Towers, but an ethnic cleansing law masked as anti-terror law or else we could apply it to all the israeli agents found putting bombs and organizing terror attacks in our countries, beginnig with the USA and, you know what? we may do it.

Please do not tell us that “now we are like Israel” – by luck we are not – and that now “we must ask the Mossad how to deal with terrorism” being the Mossad the first cause of terror attacks in the West and in the Middle East.

Their religion is different than Christianity for the lack of the New Testament and the addition of other texts that say precisely the opposite of the New Testament, there is still the Old Testament in common, but the result is that the israeli jews far away from contacts with western christians become “strange” the only ones who look like westerners have lived in western christian countries for so many years, and surrounded by Genteels, they have absorbed the culture they were surrounded by, if they are not surrounded by Genteels they end up like in the photograph above. Having a different religion they develop a different morality, no matter how much they try to copy the surface of western christian morality, they know also how much they lie. And the more they stay there, in Israel, the worse.

The Rabbis in the army were found telling seriously the soldiers that Palestinians are talking animals and that to kill them was like killing an animal, not only they are not removed, the State keeps them there to aggressify the soldiers knowingly. The american and european sounding and looking israelis are sent to us basically with the task of lying to us because having lived in the West they know how to lie better to real westerners. They were in charge of the security of the Brussels Airport where the terror attack happened and of the american airport were the boeings that hit the twin towers took off (??). Try and guess. Come on, it’s about time Britain and the USA face reality, dear Britons, what have you done? Freemasonry and the upper freemasonry, the Bilderberg, are there with the purpose to trick us, to make our politicians do the opposite of our own interests, like mass immigration and gay weddings or Sunday trading, and to cover up the innumerous israeli terror attacks and false flags from within the State. And they do it, I don’t know why. But now it’s time to change, the accusation of anti-semitism in the end it’s always the same jews who do it, why don’t they criticize the rabbis who call palestinians “talking animals”? They are focused on cancelling the pieces of information from RAI and BBC, because they are in bad faith. They know what they are, after all.

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