Laura Boldrini wants to be the kapo of the Italians like Tony Blair actually did the kapo of the Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Or like Soros betrayed the other Jews on behalf of the Nazi.


Laura Boldrini wats to be a kapo

For George Soros to ask a person to betray their own countryfellows is normal, the beginning of his career, and he doesn’t deny it “if I hadn’t done it, someone else would etc.” this is what he said, the common attempt of justification of all the criminals, well for him it’s “ok” because he did it himself against the other hungarian Jews: he was the one who told the nazi where the other jews had hidden their money and jewels and actually helped them taking the money and catching the hidden ones, after that the nazi paid him and he personally run away to the USA where he invested for the first time those money. This is George Soros who wrote on his own wikipedia profile he’s a “philanthrope”.

Tony Blair clearly betrayed the other Britons to the nazi-globalists, without even talking about immigration during the general election campaign he opened the door to mass immigration to the UK, didn’t deport the illegals, sent Labour Party agents to look for more people to enter the UK as immigrants gave the british nationality after 5 years residence in the UK, legalized gay adoptions. Abolished freedom of speech with the hate-speech laws. On behalf of the likes of Soros, Rothschild and Lord Mandelson. He betrayed his own people, the white Britons, the Anglo-Saxon Protestants went in fifteen years of Blair-Brown government from dominant ethnical, religious and cultural group into scared of talking, continuously offended, and losing basically territory in the UK. He wanted also mass immigration from Europe and to stay under the EU’s laws; he is a kapo. Kapo was the jew inside Aushwitz who supervised the work of the other jews on behalf of the Nazi to have something personally in change. This is Laura Boldrini in Italy, without having talked about mass immigration to Europe during the election these people, Renzi, whose party’s card owner number one is condemned to 5 years prison for knowingly causing cancer to the workers of a firm of his for overexposure to asbestos and he’s that runaway jewish mason DeBenedetti I often talk about, well these people are trying to make us italians become a minority on our country and move on giving our tax-money half to themselves for their own wages and the other half to the immigrants leaving for us italians the austerity. They should be shot.

This bitch, because this is what she is, of Laura Boldrini has infuriated the italians with a video of a conference in Morocco where she says there’s nothing more wrong than helping the europeans first, we must think about our neighbours video but first of all, fucking bitch, you do it with our money, italian taxpayers money are not yours, you cannot give it half to yourself and the other half to the immigrants and foreigners and then leave the italians in the austerity; it’s not your money, she doesn’t talk as a representative of the italians though she’s paid with our taxmoney and occupies the Presidency of the italian Parliament, she basically talks like a kapo talks to the jews on behalf of the nazi.

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