Valls is a traitor; in reality Nice attack was very easy to prevent, right that he gets booed. Read the details. Save France and Vote LePen.


Manuel Valls booed in Nice at the memorial for the victims of the terror attack

Manuel Valls, french zionist freemasonry-approved Prime Minister can say this to the French, pay attention:

“There will be more attacks” “We can’t prevent them” “Now we’re all like Israel”. This is the dream of Netanyahu, that all the world becomes “like Israel” so he’s not criticized anymore by the moralists who criticize him for his policies.

France is not “like Israel” and will survive, like Valls and the bunch of traitors who are controlling France now will be swept away. When  a PM tells you he can’t prevent terror attacks, change PM. I’m sure LePen can. First of all blocking mass immigration from muslim countries, then repatriating all the undesirable, muslim illegals and arrest the french citizens who have weapons and explosive in their homes, it’s not so difficult, unless you’re Valls. Or Hollande. This terrorist here of Nice was well known to the police for drugs use and minor crimes, it’s the type of person the local police knows every move he does and certainly cannot be allowed in a security zone, I worked in a hotel, which is a hotel, if a person says he’s brought the ice-cream he has to show a document with the name and fiscal code of the patisserie, the quantity and price of the ice-cream to be let passed, in France a local criminal known to the police wants to enter a security zone saying by voice “I brought the ice-cream” and is let in, now really, are we joking?

Read these information taken by Wikipedia, the tunisian born criminal, on drugs, was even a resident in Nice, this means the Nice Police knew everything about him. It was a local criminal known by the local cops who let him in and without any ice-cream delivery document. Moreover cops always know the eventual job of recorded criminals and this without any special anti-terror laws that they want simply to be able to apply them to non criminal people. Moreover he the criminal owned a gun while honest citizens can’t.

Name Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel
  • Rue de Turin, Nice, France
  • Avenue Henri-Sappia, Nice, France[1]
Nationality Tunisian
Known for 2016 Nice attack
Country France
Location(s) Promenade des Anglais, Nice
Target(s) Bastille Day crowds

In reality this terror attack was very easy to prevent; the criminal was local, a resident in Nice since years, known to the local police, face and criminal record, the attack happened in the same Nice in a security zone full of local cops. It’s almost ridiculous that Valls tells the french “we can’t prevent them” or even the menace “there will be more”.

It can seem monstrous but some people inside the State do it, either they’re all inept or they are traitors and they want to make you feel what they, f*****g jews feel in Israel, they are doing it on purpose, I’m not joking, both the invasion of muslims – like the palestinians – and these ridiculously easy terror attacks done by people well known to the police for criminal record and mental problems, they do it as a revenge for criticizing the israelis, the israelis are lethal and freemasonry Valls is with them. Also the other masons.

Vote LePen and start doing the interests of your own nation.


Defend beautiful Nice, beautiful France from the masons who want to destroy them. Vote LePen.

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