Italian Minister Alfano admits the people taken by Frontex are immigrants and not refugees but wants to spread them in the small christian villages, if the Carabinieri did a coup in Italy I would be glad.


Carabinieri with the President of the Republic if he doesn’t let us vote.

There’s only one thing worse than the coup of the carabinieri, it’s the coup of freemasonry; it is clear that in Italy the coup of freemasonry already happened; the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, the majority of the judges in the High Court, the Minister of the Inner Affair – Alfano – the President of the Chamber – Boldrini – they are all together breaking the italian laws and since the judges are in the middle, they don’t get punished. This is out of metaphor a coup of freemasonry. Out of metaphor.

The italian law about immigration prohibits helping clandestine immigration to Italy, Frontex is not “soccorso in mare” that means “help to the people about to drown” or to the boats that have a technical problem, these things do not imply anything related to immigration and do not allow the passengers of the boats with technical problems becoming clandestine immigrants, after the boat is repaired they must go home, Frontex is helping clandestine immigration and it is done on purpose for a plan to recolonize Italy and possibly the rest of Europe with black muslims, I defy anyone to deny it. Therefore we’ve got the situation of a masonic golpe to allow the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic to break the law, President of the Republic who, against the law, does not want to make us vote even though the majority of government is completely different than the majority voted at the last general elections, it’s as if in Britain some Labour MPs changed party after the election once inside the Parliament to enter a Tory government and moreover with an unknown mayor not even an MP picked up to be Prime Minister by the “President of the – banana – Republic” the Queen would send everybody back to vote, the President of the – banana – Republic said he does not send us to vote basically because we wouldn’t vote the way he likes and because he knows we italians don’t want Alfano and Renzi because we don’t want all the immigrants they, shameless like street prostitutes, take against the will of the sovereign people to please the globalist freemasonry, so the mean President of the Republic does not make us vote because he knows the majority in the Parliament does not represent the country, which is the reason why he should dissolve the Parliament. Grillo and the Right would win, Alfano disappeared in the mayoral election and his pro-immigration party, pro-immigration without saying it in the general election campaign or he wouldn’t have been voted, now finally admit the people they pick up are not refugees and start calling them migrants, illegal migrants and instead of repatriating them as the law says, wants to distribute them in the small italian villages that are very christian; this would be the destruction of christian Italy done by freemasonry after an agreement with the judges that go on pretending the law and the Constitution say different things than they really say: It’s a golpe technically, between the golpe of the masons and the golpe of the carabinieri I’d rather have the carabinieri, they are less corrupted and anyway Italy as we’ve known it without the general elections or the carabinieri takeover would be already shut down. Either Renzi, Alfano and the Constitutional Court repatriate the illegals and stop Frontex, or we vote now and if we choose Grillo or Salvini they must appoint Grillo or Salvini Prime Minister, or for me when the Carabinieri do a coup I’ll make an applause.

Basta. Nothing gives that power to the President of the Republic, the people are sovereign, the President of the Republic is abusing of his position because the judges are in the same lodge with him, I would vote Right, but anyway Beppe Grillo would be one thousand times better both of Renzi- unelected- and Monti – unelected- we are the sovereign, if we want Grillo they must swallow it; it’s not Mattarella the sovereign, or as it is true that I believe in Christ I prefer a regular golpe. Gay weddings, muslim immigrants and eurozone poverty is already the destruction of Italy. I don’t se Grillo doing worse and I can see Salvini doing much better.

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