The EU is the worst thing ever happened to Europe.


Frans Timmermans, who said not even one village in the countryside or mountain of Europe must remain white christian, and this is recorded at the EU Parliament, and ex communist Federica Mogherini now EU Commissioner for “security” (???) Ex communist responsible for our esecurity it’s like a wolf responsible for taking care of  the security of the sheep.

Their obsession with making the external borders collapse, their obsession with implementing picking up more immigrants, justifying the illegals and wanting more legal ones, their ECJ obsessed with defending rapists, clandestine immigrants muslim integralists from being punished or deported makes clear that the “real enemy” of the EU in all its forms, from the Commission to the ECJ is we, the europeans, the “white christians” they despise, they despise  because it is a jewish masonic creation that out of statute puts minority, beginning obviously with themselves, the jews, at a superior level than the christian majority.

Imagine Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson guided by their Lord Rothschild setting up a thing to put white christians back at the wall and make us lose control of Europe: we are their enemy. The jews boast about “being able to control the goym like animals” some of them compare non jews to cats or to inferior people they can manipulate into doing what they want even things against their own interests – see Frontex – if you think this is strange, impossible or antisemitic it’s because you don’t want to pay attention to what they say, write and publish even in english and on internet, particularly the israelis who, in comparison to the diaspora jews are less secretive because they are educated differently, anyway also some diaspora jews revealed, particularly the ones come from mixed families “My jewish grandmother used to say the non jews are like cats” you can find this quote in the italian book “Lessico famigliare” by the italian jewish communist writer Natalia Ginzburg, or in many rabbinical publications used to diminish the level of resistance to cold blood homicides in the israeli soldiers who may feel not at ease with it. Or, even easier to check in the movie Munich by Steven Spielberg which is anyway very watered down not to offend too much the several non jewish spectators, it is reported that Steven Spielberg had a lot of resistance in doing the movie the way the israelis wanted to do it because he was ashamed. In Munich the israelis kill a lot of innocent people trying to catch the arab terrorists who had organized and performed the terror attack at the olympic games of Munich and always put the blame on someone else, which is what they are accused of having been doing continuously on a vast scale and worst of all even of having done 9/11. 9/11 with no other excuse than creating a supposed reason for bombing Middle Eastern countries, whereas the Middle Eastern countries had nothing to do with it.

Now back at the EU, the same jewish freemasonry controlled by Rothschild-Goldman Sachs-George Soros that built the state of Israel wants to destroy western christian culture just like they want to destroy the arab nations, the tool they use against us is the unlimited list of fake “human rigths” of the ECJ and the f*****g European Commission, hence the continuous work of the Commission for taking immigrants from very different cultures than ours and smash them in the core of Europe until we cannot give “our” western christian brand to the european society anymore, open your eyes and save yourselves and save us. Exit the EU, suspend Frontex and re-build international relationships without EU Commission, Goldman Sachs, Freemasonry and co. I tell you like this: get it, they hate us the way they hate the palestinians. For them we can disappear, as for the holocaust, even if it is true we havent’ got to pay anything, they were given the state of Israel basically by the Britons and the Americans , without the Britons and Americans, the arabs would have already swallowed them, the jews didn’t win the war, the russian and the anglo-americans won and the result is that the jewish freemasonry hates the white anglosaxon who helped them even more than they hate the italians and the germans, their power has raised ever since they’ve got the State of Israel, the Britons and the Americans must cut ties with this State. They are not thankful and even say they are not there because of the Balfour Declaration, they say they are there because of their ancestors, they who don’t even know which tribe of the real Israel they belong to if they belong to some really, which cannot be proved,  and for God. This is the beginning of the hypocrisy of the israeli culture, because if they have a right to stay there because of the holocaust then they must stay where the UN puts them; the Holocaust gives them the right to Tel Aviv, but doesn’t give them an exclusive right to Jerusalem and doesn’t give them the right to the West Bank, they don’t stay where the UN puts them because they tell one another they are not there for the Balfour Declaration but for God, and they take also the places that the UN doesn’t give them, but in that case, if it is really about God then they cannot have the support and the financial and military help of the Britons and Americans and God in my opinion would abandon them to the wrath of their enemies. If they want the help of the Britons, the Americans and the International Community they must stay where the UN puts them if they don’t accept this, the international community must abandon them. Their reaction is to try to de-empower all the other ethnicities and cultures and use freemasonry to do so, push mass immigration, defend the foreign criminals through their obscure tool the ECJ , impose punishments for the countries that want to keep their national identities like the eastern european ones through the EU Commission and cover up their several crimes around the world, terror attacks basically, through all the masons infiltrated into the state machine of the other countries. When they look at this, instead of feeling ashamed they say: “we’re cleverer than the others, we could do this”.

If some of you think the EU can be reformed from the inside, consider this: can you reform Freemasonry from the inside? No. It’s the same.

They lie, they lie continuously and methodically; they write one thing in the Treaties and then give orders by voice to do the opposite of what the Treaties say; Frontex should block the human traffic instead it helps it; this is deliberate, they are masons and they get agreements inside the masonic lodge to lie to us, this is their method, get it.

If you want an international community, because you like it you, have to found another, beginning with exiting “their” EU and then put the money and found another without them. If you don’t like Freemasonry, but you would like an international club for people who think like you, you cannot reform freemasonry you must not enter it and found another with christian and western values included in the Statute from day one. A new beginning.

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