Putin: The builders of the New World Order have failed

While the EU is self destroying for hate towards the ethnic europeans, the jews who lead the EU and Freemasonry just hate white christians till the point they would rather fill Europe with muslims than seeing us happy, so we would become a minority and so, finally, in their opinion “we endure what they have to endure in Israel”- they are evil – and this is why the EU will close and Israel will become our public enemy, we are not dumb, not to be racist is one thing to be dumb is another, well in the meantime Putin, who didn’t allow the jews and freemasonry to take control of Russia is moving forwards instead, if Italy were an independent country I would strike trade deals with Putin, Britain, listen to the man and leave Israel with its anti-Iraq and anti-Syria and anti-white christians agenda alone, after all it’s not all your fault. You’ll repent for the Balfour declaration and then move on and Israel will be over.

Probably the most important political speech since Churchill’s ”Iron Curtain” speech of March 5, 1946.

Source: Putin: The builders of the New World Order have failed

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