Norwegian ship “saves” 600 immigrants in the Med and brings them…to Italy. Why? because that smuggler of Renzi told them otherwise they wouldn’t take them.


Give me the reason why all these ships of Frontex, included the norwegian ones, country not in the EU, they take immigrants and bring them to my Italy instead of bringing them back where they come from, Africa or up to their own country, in this case Norway; because Frontex is done by the italian smuggler PM Renzi, if any ship had to bring the “saved” immigrants to her own country they said they wouldn’t participate, they participate only if they can bring them to a Mediterranean country  to then reject them as asylum seekers in their own, and why do they do it, then? For money, because they are paid, so explain to me the difference between the norwegian ship and the human traffickers in Africa. Today 600 were taken by the norwegians while 20 drowned, it is clear that the EU uses our money for paying these ships to smuggle people to Europe.

And to all the people from Norway who think they bring them to Italy and it’s over, I warn them that for the EU and Renzi this is in fact only the first step ’cause they want to make it compulsory with the free movement rule for all the other countries to have to take them as asylum seekers or just immigrants in a second time, Norway included, in their wicked minds they are just packing them in Italy. I am italian, can you do me the favour of not taking them and bring them to my home? I have campaigned for Brexit ’cause I don’t want the Britons to be tricked, stop this Frontex and exit the EU, the EU is a masonic agency for replacing the white europeans with black and asian muslims, you norwegians too, they do what they can in this perspective, they are just waiting for the possibility to make the next step, but always in this path. Renzi has accepted the ridiculous rule that every Frontex ship can deliver the human cargo to Italy because he was told, always secretly and behind closed doors, that in a second moment they will be sent to the other EU countries compulsorily. Respect the italian citizens and stop, we don’t want them just like you, otherwise take them to your own country. The italian PM is behaving like a coordinator of the international human traffic, but think about us italians, he the PM does not respect us  – and we didn’t elect him – we would be glad if at least you did.

Read this stupid article, they the norwegians boast about saving lives but then bring them to my Italy and don’t want them in Norway, there should be the law that any ship must bring these people either to the country they come from or to its own country, idiots. Bring them to Norway don’t bring them here. I.Hate.Renzi.

And I hate the norwegians too, they are dumb, they boast about saving lives and bring them here, don’t save anyone or take them to your cold country. I.Hate.Frontex.

I thank the Britons instead for:

  1. having weakend the EU possibly to its death with sacred Brexit.
  2. having pointed out the inner immorality of Frontex that is a strong pull factor for clandestine immigration with studies that were used also to push the Brexit vote by the vote Leave campaign.
  3. They have respected us italians more than the italian PM and than the Norwegians and Danes who participate to this search and rescue and discharge to Italy wicked operation.

I appeal to the danish and norwegian government, Kristian and Lars, remember that I say good things about you and your government, that they stop taking immigrants and bring them here.

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