Too many remainers in the british government,Theresa May, Amber Rudd and Nicola Sturgeon must not delay Brexit, particularly now that there are terror threats.


Amber Rudd

David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox are in charge of the Brexit and the relationship between Britain and the outer world, nonetheless the last assertion by May that she won’t trigger Article 50 without the consent of Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t sound good. Particularly now that the terror attacks in France have become too normal, that Renzi in Italy takes immigrants unchecked and lets them around bringing the serious swiss government to put a wall at the border with Italy, followed by Austria and reaching as a result and for his own fault the end of Schengen and maybe even the end of the second italian republic, now that Spain and Portugal have been fined for being too poor in the eurozone, what does really that stiff woman of Nicola Sturgeon want? The more we go on the more I get convinced that the brexiteers are right; Southern Europe is destroyed by debts, mass immigration, terror attacks and the “serious” countries Switzerland and Austria drawing the bridge from the mess made by the globalists and Nicola Sturgeon instead of thinking about helping David Davis and Liam Fox building bridges with Switzerland Australia and the good countries wants Scotland to stay in this EU. Would she really take all immigrants Renzi wants to send her up to Scotland? Does she really want the Scots to pay for Spain, Greek, Portuguese bailouts? Dear Scots, vote another next time, she seems dull. And Theresa May seems one who would like to use her to procrastinate the improcrastinable Brexit. At the EU the situation is always worse, the Scots seem on the verge of doing like the Spaniards or Greeks, they ruin themselves because they want to stay in the EU against their true interests and then are presented the bill they don’t want to pay; what do you think the EU is?

I don’t like Amber Rudd and other remainers in power, the remainers are wrong, they wanted to do this unity government but now they must Brexit and protect the Britons from terror attacks and from the interference of the ECJ, it must be anyway a patriots’ government, there is a piece by Richard Little John about how the European Court of Justice has hindered justice and I can tell you that even Human Rights Watch is under globalist George Soros’ umbrella; they have no rights to ruin us or Greece all these NGOs are in the hands of multimillionaires who want to impose their will on the states, they must be dismantled.

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