Either the French State is in the hands of handicapped People or it is the french state organizing all these terror attacks. Nothing justifies in a country with gun control all these terrorist shootings.

French soldiers cordon the area after at least 30 people were killed in Nice when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday

French soldiers cordon the area after at least 30 people were killed in Nice, France.

François Hollande and Manuel Valls and all their people who run the french state machine must be idiots, handicapped, lame. How is it possible, in a country with a strict law about gun control three mega terror attacks with Kalashnikovs in less than one year? Texas is safer, the anti-gun lobby in the USA can put its gun control dreams to bed for the rest of their lives. Give me, excuse me, a reason why people in America should want the “french” solution, or even the italian solution: gun control and terror or mafia attacks just the same. Or even, in Paris we have to admit it, worse. France wanted stupid emergency laws, stupid anti-guns laws and this is the result, in Switzerland there’s peace, in Switzerland people have guns, military training and do control immigration and control firmly their borders, they banned burqas and refuse to give swiss nationality to muslim who want sharia, like Trump says. Either we stop the leftists or the leftists, Matteo Renzi and George Soros with their immigration policy, will kill the West. Did you know that that scoundrel of DelRey Mckesson lives in a multimillionaire’s flat paid by two officers, of the Open Society of George Soros, obviously f***** jews, the ashkenazi blue eyed jew who pays and covers the hate of the black towards the white christians? And that he was intercepted talking with Ms. Lynch the attorney general about blocking Trump’s rallies and exaggerating the riots?

#BlackLivesMatter leader DeRay Mckesson may claim to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but he has close connections with the jewish rich ones.

Mckesson lives in a home owned by philanthropists James and Robin Wood in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s the same address he used when declaring his residency on his campaign committee registration form for his failed mayoral run in the city’s Democratic primary earlier this year.Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.20.36 PM

The Woods have owned the home since 1996 and are wealthy donors to the Baltimore chapter of George Soros’ Open Society Institute.


Robin is so active that she was made a board member of the far-left non-profit back in 2008, according to the OSI’s website.

The OSI site describes the Williams:

They moved to Baltimore in 1995, when Jimmy had the opportunity to return to his hometown to become director of the orthopedic faculty practice at Sinai Hospital. For the past five years, he has been chief of orthopedics at Harbor Hospital and Robin threw herself into nonprofit work in Baltimore, first with the Community Law Center. She has served on the boards of Associated Black Charities, Safe and Sound, the Baltimore School for the Arts and the Baltimore Community Foundation boards. In 2008, Robin joined the OSI-Baltimore board of directors. She is also now attending the University Of Maryland School of Law.

Soros groups have had several connections to #BlackLivesMatter organizers and activists.


It’s all zionist and state terrorism like 9/11. Block them and sack Hollande. When the French vote LePen they are right. Fuck Soros and Rothschild and arrest them. The fact that Rita Katz, another zionist says it’s ISIS it’s just another proof it’s the israelis and the jewish freemasonry, particularly devastating in France due to the presence of the local branch of the Rothschilds. Arrest them all, the real guilty ones and deport the illegal immigrants and terrorists, do as they do in Switzerland, the christian country.


In Switzerland Christianity is the official state religion, though no church is named official state church and the cross on the flag symbolizes Christianity, sunday work cannot be imposed. I admire them very much for this and think they are doing right. No Apostasy.


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