Illuminati connection pushes May, husband rumoured to be involved with G4S bound to Israel and false flag terror attacks, soft on sharia, her ally Hammond wants six years to Brexit. Kill her off now.

Theresa-May Theresa May is the Illuminati candidate, her husband was accused of being related to G4S the agency that recruited Orlando shooting’s gay assassin and that’s related to Israel and a series of false flag atrributed to muslim integralists to feed the clash of civilization agenda, moreover she wants to privatize the security sector attacking continuously state police officers for their good job, remember that whenever the security gets privatized in airports by the way it’s always an israeli agency that takes the job or a cover up firm for the Mossad, as it was in the airport where the two boeings that hit the twin towers took off and in the Brussels airport where there was the other “muslim” terror attack; her husband and she are related to the Mossad-friendly Illuminati deep state, she’ll liquidate Great Britain and her team are already lying about the difficulties of Brexit, now Hammond says it’ll take 6 years to really do Brexit which is denied by leavers. Kill her off now, the new government must be a brexiteers’ government or else just keep Cameron, Theresa May seems the candidate of the bad Israel connected part of the establishment, she’ll do what she’s told to, the war to Russia and legalizing sharia tribunals when asked, the very next day if they ask her in the evening; this is why they don’t want any other contestant, not even Boris Johnson, or anyone else. Be careful, with this woman you’ll find the security privatized to Israel, terror attacks as in Brussels, the police humiliated and eventually war with Putin. Kill her off. Require new Tory leadership contest or new elections.

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