I don’t understand what does the Conservative Party want to obtain with Theresa May Leader. This is not a change, it is just a reshuffle.

The Conservative Parliamentary Party changes David Cameron with Theresa May. Why?

This is not a change, it is just a reshuffle, and not a good one, why do you need to change Cameron, a remainer with May, another remainer? In what terms can this “unite the Party”? May I ask, why don’t you keep Cameron then? To change Cameron with Boris Johnson or another brexiteer would have a meaning, but to claim Cameron must go “because he lost the Referendum” and then substitute him in  a hurry, hurry due to the fear of being stopped by the grassroot, claiming and shouting without having won anything “our new Leader, our new Prime Minister!” “Ceaucescu Populau!” it’s smoke and mirror.

They’re the same people, just changing position, you could do without, then. It would be a remainers’  government where the winners are treated contemptuosly by the losers who are scared not only of the Labour, of Corbyn,of the SNP and UKIP, but even of their own grassroot supporters. It’s very weak and it would fail.


If this is what they offer, vote UKIP.

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