Nicolae Ceasescu couldn’t do better than team May: one only candidate, take this “Ceaucescu Popolau”. Then I want Boris Johnson back in the race, the Brexiteers must have at least one choice.

BorisLeadsomBrexiteerNow they fear even the grassroot Tories: they know they don’t want Theresa May; one only candidate, “Ceaucescu Popolau” level. It’s been since the time of the single party and single candidate that in Europe we didn’t see this, one party, the communist, one candidate, Ceaucescu who obviously used to win. And the people moreover had to bother to go and vote, for Ceaucescu obviously and then even had to shout under Ceaucescu’s terrace “Ceaucescu, populau!” which as a child I was told must have meant “Ceaucescu, the people want you.” Otherwise Ceaucescu shot them. Then it fell, Ceaucescu, communist Romania et al. Now it’s in Britain, they want to make “Theresa Populau!”. Either you keep Theresa or you can vote UKIP, good choice after all, between the remainer and not even a courageous one and UKIP it’s much much better UKIP. But the Tory Right, the Tory patriots and the Tory Brexiteers deserve at least one candidate that represents Leave and represents them; a remainer, as only candidate moreover, is an insult.

It’s time Boris Johnson comes back to re-give dignity to the Brexit campaign and to Democracy, he had the support of the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg and the best Tory-patriots and may I ask? That big hit by Michael Gove to Johnson supposedly because “he was surrounding himself of remainers…” and now he supports Theresa May? The little “cunning” remainer? Boris, save Britain and your party from Ceaucescu Populau’s level, bid for that place and Theresa May should be able to win against at least one other candidate. Ceaucescu populau is not arrived yet. If the Tories don’t want to vote you they can choose Theresa, if they prefer a brexiteer and a patriot, and please give the guarantee that you won’t legalize sharia tribunals and patrols and that Britain will be able to control its borders, they can choose you. All the rats already say: “Brexit won’t happen”. Boris and also Nigel, come back, the fight sometimes is over. It’s not this time.

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