F**k Theresa May, she’s a sponge she’s not a Leader. Read this, I beg your pardon:


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From JRD again, how Theresa May really answered the difficult questions about her semi-visible remain campaign, about immigration, about Brexit and how the BBC didn’t cover her failure to answer and cowardly half spoken attempts to say something: this is not a Leader, this is a sponge, at this point both Cameron and Osborne would be better than she, we Brexiteers wanted the “dream team” Johnson, Gove, Duncan Smith, Priti Patel and Leadsom, but please now support and vote Leadsom, sponges and careerists we had enough:

Consideration of candidates to be PM



“(…) In the interests of balance today I will report the more difficult questions asked of Theresa May and her team during the MP meetings and discussions, with a summary of how I understood her answers (…) Not all of these questions were asked by supporters of Andrea Leadsom.

Q: Why during your six years as Home Secretary has net migration risen so high and remained at very high levels, when you were pledged to cut it to tens of thousands in both the 2010 and 2015 Conservative Manifesto?

A: These are difficult and complex matters. The actions taken have reduced the totals compared to what would otherwise have happened. More measures are being considered.

Q: Why will you not reassure people currently legally settled here from other member states of the EU that they can stay following the UK’s exit?

A: It is important to negotiate these matters as part of the total package with the EU, which will take time and will be difficult.

Q: Will you today make an urgent statement saying that future migrants from the rest of the EU will come under new rules which will impose some limits on numbers.

A No

Q Will the Home Office start immediate work on a new system of migration control?

A No

Q What changes would you like to see to taxes, spending and borrowing going forwards?

A The reply made a joke about the individual MP asking but did not give an indication on any of the three possible topics raised

Q How quickly would you seek to get the UK out of the EU?

A Consider options and issues this year. Trigger Article 50 early next year and anticipate 2 years of difficult negotiations about a wide range of issues.

Q Did you deliberately soft peddle campaigning in the referendum for Remain because you were no convinced by their case?

A No. She said she campaigned with full commitment to the Remain cause. She also had to carry on work as Home Secretary. She made the good point that she did not say anything unusual or sensational, so the media did not find her remarks newsworthy.

Q Will you negotiate firmly with a strong wish to leave the EU?

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My judgement is this:

She does not support western christian values; she is open to legalize sharia tribunals; her aide still dreams of doing another referendum even though the second referendum issue is definitely closed; she is supported by Maria Miller, at the centre of scandals and supporter of gay marriages, by Jeremy Hunt who wants the doctors to work in the weekends as if it were normal and not only for the emergencies, she is clearly a tool of the Illuminati that we clearly want to fuck off; destroy her and support Leadsom, the christian brexiteers must win. Moreover Arron Banks is very good as a leader too, I can see him bringing a lot of votes to UKIP. The Tories should be glad of a collaboration with him, they must stop pretending they are morally superior because they are not, Arron Banks does not legalize Sharia Patrols and wants to take back control of Britain and, and I say it as a woman, he actually defends my freedom and chances of living well much better than the female pro-sharia tribunals Theresa May. Theresa May must not be voted, both Leadsom and Arron Banks are better than she.

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