We daminingly like Andrea Leadsom’s Right Wing Conservatives who are against Gay adoptions and the Gender Anthropology and we want them to lead the UK and Europe out of the criminal political correct mess.


Andrea Leadsom

The team of Andrea Leadsom is “too conservative”? too christian talibans? They are against gay marriages, against telling a little male child he’s not a boy maybe he’s a girl? They want children to enjoy the love and presence of mother and dad? They don’t want to sell babies on demand and give them to two lesbians or two gays? They are right and we like them: we want politicians like this to lead the UK and the West out of the disgusting pro gay political correct mess the likes of Tony Blair did, we want them to win and we want them to save children from being ordered and sold like objects and then imposed a gender anthropology that tells them they’re neither male nor female and we want to eventually block any attempt to make experiments on them. And if they go to Church on Sundays, the Leadsom’s team, and give sunday free to all the workers, with the exceptions of few cases for security or emergency reasons, that do not justify the de-sacralization and “commonification” of sunday and rule that must be paid more, twice as much as the work from monday to friday, we want them to win even more. They’ll save the West. In the eighties and the nineties we had weekends almost for all the jobs and the ones who didn’t have saturday and sunday had sunday and monday off, we were rich, basic jobs like selling icecreams or doing the cleanings were paid well, the few cops or emergency repart doctors who had to work, only and I say only for the emergencies on sunday they were paid twice as much than in the other days, in the West there was actually no poverty and there was an air of happiness and light life everybody liked and everybody, gays – who now have the “right” to have children -included say they were much happier, we were happier, there were no sharia patrols around and the Economist didn’t say they wanted to legalize “minor forms of female genitals mutilations” which is something radically disgusting, unacceptable, there should be an enquiry about where does this bloody proposal come from. And no one wanted “post birth abortion”.

Christian society, must be restored defending the rights of the children not to be treated like goods to be given to people who just happen to “want them” as if they were puppets, christian calendar with sunday, Christmas and Easter free and special must be kept official and the work during these days must be extraordinary, the immigration from muslim countries must be stopped and eventually reverted to avoid the colonization effect, we like the Tory Right like UKIP or BNP and we want them to rule, just like we want right wing christian democratic parties to rule across the West. In Austria, in Italy, in the USA: everywhere etc. We web editors and editors will do our job and will support them, Brexit showed how the Internet is more influential than tv, we can win everywhere and everything, I’ve got the impression we will bowl a perfect strike.


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