I’m sick and tired of all the people who cry “Britain help us, take in more refugees” You want British way of life? Accept the British Empire ruling your piece of land instead of packing everybody to London until it ruins.

DailyMailJihadietcWoman who was raped by muslim jihadis claims “Britain help us, take more refugees” then the asian BBC journalists defend the muslim jihadis who are the rapists and fight “Islamophobia” etc. I’m sick, I am a new-imperialist. Do you really like so much the british way of life? Accept the Britons ruling your fucking piece of land with a new Empire. No? It’s colonialism? Then keep your fucking muslim dirty culture and shut up – outside Europe- It’s untrue that everybody must be packed to London, or to Malmoe, then when they are there, they start ruining the country, building mosques, we don’t need them we’ve got the churches and Jesus Christ who’s much better, and then their quarters of town become third world, muslim third world and the BBC defends them and defends the sharia patrols so basically also London gets rotten.

They must stop saying we have to take more refugees, if they like our world they must accept our ruling and stop. We control your land and if we take refugees we take only christians. And the poor Jews? Who remember the Holocaust and want the refugees? They can stop lobbying for Washington to bomb Middle Eastern countries on behalf of deadly Israel and stop pretending this does not happen and also please stop protecting the neocons and the Israelis accusing everybody who denounces their crimes -because this is what they are – of “antisemitism” so there wouldn’t be any war in Middle East, so to start.

If you like Britain take the Empire, if not, take the responsibility to be supporting a culture and a religion, Islam, that is rotten everywhere it rules. As for Canterbury’s Archbishop, he’s an idiot, his duty is to proclaim Jesus Christ son of God and Our Lord, not of telling muslims and jews that with or without Jesus is the same, because it’s not and the lies come from the devil. Liar from the beginning.

We don’t take any refugees. From now, either they accept our ruling or they do without us.

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